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@@ -1,8 +1,8 @@
-.\" $Id: cloginrc.5,v 1.35 2004/05/12 23:35:48 heas Exp $
+.\" $Id: cloginrc.5,v 1.36 2004/06/24 16:03:24 heas Exp $
.hys 50
-.TH "cloginrc" "5" "11 May 2004"
+.TH "cloginrc" "5" "23 June 2004"
\.cloginrc \- clogin configuration file
@@ -101,6 +101,10 @@ the user is not automatically enabled and
.IR clogin
should execute the enable command to gain enable privileges, unless
negated by the noenable directive or \-noenable command\-line option.
+Also see the
+.B noenable
.B add cyphertype <router name glob> {<ssh encryption type>}
@@ -172,8 +176,17 @@ Default: {telnet} {ssh}
will not try to gain enable privileges when noenable is matched for a
device. This is equivalent to
.IR "clogin" 's
--noenable command-line option. This does not apply to
-.BR jlogin (1).
+-noenable command-line option.
+Note that this directive is meaningless for
+.BR jlogin (1),
+.BR nlogin (1)
+.BR clogin (1)
+[for Extreme]
+which do not have the concept of "enabled" and/or no way to elevate
+privleges once logged in; a user either has the necessary privleges or
.B add passphrase <router name glob> {"<SSH passphrase>"}
diff --git a/man/rancid.1 b/man/rancid.1
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--- a/man/rancid.1
+++ b/man/rancid.1
@@ -129,3 +129,8 @@ Password:
cat5k> (enable)
.in -1i
+.B rancid
+works on Cisco Catalyst 1900 series switches that are running Enterprise
+Edition software. This software provides a menu at connection time that
+allows a command line interface to be used by entering 'K' at the prompt.