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+.hys 50
+.TH "lg_intro" "1" "24 Jan 2001"
+lg_intro \- introduction to the looking glass
+.B looking glass
+offers a web based interface to routers to users without their needing
+permission to login to the router. This may be a perfect interface for customer
+support or less savvy folks, and many ISPs have given public access to such
+an interface as a "route server."
+The looking glass consists of two CGI
+.BR perl (1)
+.IR lg.cgi
+.IR lg.form.cgi ,
+and the
+.BR lg.conf (5)
+configuration file.
+Both of these scripts begin with reading the configuration file. If
+there is an error in the file's syntax or if the file can not be found, error
+messages will be displayed on standard-error. The Apache http server
+redirects standard-error to its error log file by default.
+lg.form.cgi displays a html form consisting of a list of possible
+router commands that can be run and a scrolling list of routers that
+these commands may be run on. When the form is submitted, lg.cgi is
+When lg.cgi is run, it begins by performing some basic checks on the
+arguments passed to it. If these checks pass, lg.cgi either displays
+cached data from a previous invocation if that data exists and is
+within the cache interval or uses
+.BR clogin (1)
+to login to the device and execute the command. The
+results of the command are cached if applicable and displayed for the
+.BR lg.conf (5),
+additional instructions for setting up the looking glass can be found
+in the README file under
+.IR @prefix@/util/lg .
+Note that the looking glass scripts require a few perl modules not
+included with rancid. Rancid's configure process does not check for
+these. See the README file.
+.BR cloginrc (5),
+.BR clogin (1),
+.BR lg.conf (5)
+Rancid's looking glass is based on Ed Kern's (included by permission,
+thanks Ed!), which can be found on Support
+for Junipers, rancid's device login scripts, and additional commands have
+been added to the original.