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* Some cleanups.HEADmasterJeffrey C. Ollie2009-01-052-28/+44
* Move the smarts for picking recipients.Jeffrey C. Ollie2008-12-153-16/+48
* Some minor bugfixes and cleanups.Jeffrey C. Ollie2008-12-152-4/+5
* A number of different cleanups, plus actually build the email and sendJeffrey C. Ollie2008-12-122-44/+88
* Build list of email addrs to receive email.Jeffrey C. Ollie2008-12-042-0/+24
* Build the body of the email messageJeffrey C. Ollie2008-12-041-0/+11
* Whitespace cleanup.Jeffrey C. Ollie2008-12-041-2/+2
* Pull diffs outJeffrey C. Ollie2008-12-041-2/+38
* Minor whitespace cleanup.Jeffrey C. Ollie2008-12-041-1/+1
* Add copyright and license header.Jeffrey C. Ollie2008-12-041-0/+16
* Initial testing.Jeffrey C. Ollie2008-12-046-0/+912