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* Removed devel sub-packageHEADmasterHonza Horák2012-10-092-32/+13
* Removing client-side specific libraries and sub-packages devel, embeded and e...Honza Horák2012-10-092-62/+16
* mysql upgraded to 5.5.28 and collection renamed to mysql55Honza Horák2012-10-083-77/+324
* remove old postgresql91 meta package spec fileHonza Horák2012-10-081-60/+0
* postgresql upgraded to 9.2 and collection renamed to postgresql92Honza Horák2012-10-083-162/+584
* add original spec files and diff filesHonza Horák2012-10-0346-0/+12100
* Added postgresql92Honza Horák2012-10-037-0/+2515
* Initial commitHonza Horák2012-10-0320-0/+6697