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Correct docs for "kdb5_util load" switches
Remove obsolete parenthetical statement in the description of the "-update" switch to "kdb5_util load". Using the "-update" flag to load a second dump made using the "-ov" switch is no longer necessary now that the "-r13" format is the default. Add statement that the "-b7" dump format was the default for versions prior to 1.2.2 (to match the statement from "dump" section). [ commit message] ticket: 7865 tags: pullup target_version: 1.12.2
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diff --git a/doc/admin/admin_commands/kdb5_util.rst b/doc/admin/admin_commands/kdb5_util.rst
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--- a/doc/admin/admin_commands/kdb5_util.rst
+++ b/doc/admin/admin_commands/kdb5_util.rst
@@ -204,7 +204,8 @@ Options:
requires the database to be in the Kerberos 5 Beta 7 format
- ("kdb5_util load_dump version 4").
+ ("kdb5_util load_dump version 4"). This was the dump format
+ produced on releases prior to 1.2.2.
requires the database to be in "ovsec_adm_import" format. Must be
@@ -232,10 +233,7 @@ Options:
records from the dump file are added to or updated in the existing
- database. (This is useful in conjunction with an ovsec_adm_export
- format dump if you want to preserve per-principal policy
- information, since the current default format does not contain
- this data.) Otherwise, a new database is created containing only
+ database. Otherwise, a new database is created containing only
what is in the dump file and the old one destroyed upon successful