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@@ -790,6 +790,61 @@ remote-viewer will pop up a window asking for a password before
starting the Spice session. It won't be established if an incorrect
ticket was passed to the client.
+Folder sharing
+The Spice client can share a folder with the remote guest. By default,
+the client will share the XDG Public Share directory, or '~/Public' by
+default. You may specify a different folder with `--spice-share-dir`
+client option.
+.Using virt-manager
+It's currently not possible to configure folder sharing with virt-manager.
+.Using libvirt
+In order to set up folder sharing, qemu needs to expose a
+`org.spice-space.webdav.0` virtio port, associated with a
+corresponding Spice port:
+ <channel type='spiceport'>
+ <source channel='org.spice-space.webdav.0'/>
+ <target type='virtio' name='org.spice-space.webdav.0'/>
+ </channel>
+.Using QEMU
+In order to set up folder sharing, qemu needs to expose a
+`org.spice-space.webdav.0` virtio port, associated with a
+corresponding Spice port:
+-device virtserialport,bus=virtio-serial0.0,nr=1,chardev=charchannel1,id=channel1,name=org.spice-space.webdav.0 -chardev spiceport,name=org.spice-space.webdav.0,id=charchannel1
+Guest configuration
+In a Windows guest, you must then install
+service, and register the drive (by running 'map-drive.bat' from
+'Program Files/Spice webdav').
+With a Linux guest, you must install the spice-webdavd service (the
+sources are available at The
+folder will show up in GNOME Files network places (or Nautilus). It
+can then be mounted and browsed in traditional applications thanks to
QEMU Spice reference
@@ -807,7 +862,7 @@ online documentation]. Basic syntax is `-spice <spice_options>`.
QXL command line options
- * ram_size
+ * ram_size
* vram_size
* revision
* debug