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* Update codan plugins to CDT 7.0.HEADmasterElliott Baron2010-06-262-1/+4
* Fix Javadoc comment.Elliott Baron2010-01-171-1/+1
* Documented API classes/interfaces.Elliott Baron2009-12-152-2/+36
* Create abstract checker to use Property Simulation. Clean up code.Elliott Baron2009-12-146-61/+132
* Properly handle binary expressions, improved debugging output, handle propert...Elliott Baron2009-12-112-30/+45
* Refactored conditional parsing to an ASTVisitor.Elliott Baron2009-11-172-72/+102
* Handle NULL in variable assignments and conditionals.Elliott Baron2009-11-174-36/+63
* Fixed infinite loop bug for loop structures.Elliott Baron2009-11-163-15/+77
* Remove truth assignments at merge points, based on dominance in CFG.Elliott Baron2009-11-095-20/+75
* Added fopen/fclose checker. Created abstract open/close checker.Elliott Baron2009-11-085-137/+222
* Moved property simulation code to PropertySimulator class. Improved resolving...Elliott Baron2009-11-088-324/+477
* Implemented Quine-McCluskey algorithm to join execution states. Property simu...Elliott Baron2009-11-018-52/+492
* Fixed handling of nested if statements.Elliott Baron2009-10-312-17/+38
* PSA working for simple variable assignments and conditionals. PropSim impleme...Elliott Baron2009-10-255-48/+300
* Transition for branching complete; execution state made of CNF clauses of var...Elliott Baron2009-10-127-194/+270
* Initial implementation of intra-procedural property simulation.Elliott Baron2009-10-058-158/+602
* Created .extension plugin with my modifications. Initial use of CFG, pulled i...Elliott Baron2009-09-218-0/+313