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masterWPDmitri Pal11 years
TagDownloadAuthorAge  sssd-0_2_0.tar.gz  sssd-0_2_0.tar.xz  Simo Sorce12 years
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2010-08-30WPHEADmasterDmitri Pal14-165/+691
2010-08-10[INI] Introducing configuration file objectDmitri Pal10-100/+1325
2010-08-10[INI] Starting to consolidate the new interface in one placeDmitri Pal7-225/+180
2010-08-10[INI/COLLECTION] Correcting library and project versionsDmitri Pal5-8/+8
2010-08-10[INI] New INI parserDmitri Pal5-10/+1219
2010-08-10[INI] The beginning of the new INI interfaceDmitri Pal4-0/+292
2010-08-10[INI] Fixes to the value objectDmitri Pal4-117/+98
2010-08-10[INI] Add error codes for the new parserDmitri Pal2-5/+12
2010-08-10[INI] Extend the comment interfaceDmitri Pal2-10/+38
2010-08-10[INI] More config files for testingDmitri Pal3-7/+158