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mastermove ui to new source fileDavid Malcolm9 years
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2012-12-12move ui to new source fileHEADmasterDavid Malcolm2-34/+31
2012-12-10add a test case involving a very large backtraceDavid Malcolm2-0/+12804
2012-12-10split out the source into new filesDavid Malcolm4-415/+420
2012-12-10sanitize importsDavid Malcolm1-3/+4
2011-02-15Fix a bug in backtrace parsing; add extractor for python-level backtracesDavid Malcolm2-17/+85
2011-02-15Cope with backtraces where the thread says "Thread 0xb78516c0 (LWP 17355)", r...David Malcolm3-9/+929
2010-11-04Tweak various special-casesDavid Malcolm1-4/+9
2010-02-05Add some more pre-canned dupsDavid Malcolm1-13/+61
2009-12-22Various fixes that have accumulatedDavid Malcolm1-14/+44
2009-12-09Add another bug for dupes; fix an issue where script not identifiedDavid Malcolm1-1/+4