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* Use if-any-3HEADmasterDavid Malcolm2010-03-141-8/+4
* Actual run 2to3; add conditionalsDavid Malcolm2010-03-132-28/+38
* Revamp --exe so that the example specfile actually buildsDavid Malcolm2010-03-131-27/+39
* Fix it up so it actually buildsDavid Malcolm2010-03-131-31/+23
* Reuse description textDavid Malcolm2010-03-131-10/+11
* Use "conf" for all vars; use only the real configs for nowDavid Malcolm2010-03-131-11/+21
* Drop the use of rpm macros; do it all with rpm-pyconfig --evalDavid Malcolm2010-03-131-26/+17
* Initial implementation of rpm-pyconfig; update specfile to use itDavid Malcolm2010-03-132-8/+68
* Initial commitDavid Malcolm2010-03-131-0/+149