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masterFix various cases when parsing typesDavid Malcolm12 years
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2009-11-17Fix various cases when parsing typesHEADmasterDavid Malcolm1-16/+39
2009-11-17Generalize variadic function handlingDavid Malcolm2-98/+79
2009-11-16Add LGPLv2.1 license to .cocci and .py file; introduce PyArg_ParseTupleAndKey...David Malcolm2-19/+91
2009-11-14Minor cleanupsDavid Malcolm3-9/+12
2009-11-14Report the format string when reporting on errorsDavid Malcolm1-21/+30
2009-11-13Add current_element to error messagesDavid Malcolm3-5/+14
2009-11-13Fixup some issues and start adding unit tests for validate.pyDavid Malcolm1-3/+34
2009-11-13Count errors and exit with the count; cleanup spatch hooks; don't be fussy ab...David Malcolm2-41/+189
2009-11-13add READMEDavid Malcolm1-0/+16
2009-11-13Various fixupsDavid Malcolm2-23/+67