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masterRename "fixes" -> "lib2to3c"; start writing a setup.pyDavid Malcolm11 years
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2010-03-05Rename "fixes" -> "lib2to3c"; start writing a setup.pyHEADmasterDavid Malcolm10-6/+18
2010-02-02introduce custom postprocessing code to (partly) deal with module initializat...David Malcolm3-36/+176
2010-02-02port typeobject.TestFixups to FixText API; add a test case to ensure it can d...David Malcolm1-7/+24
2009-12-03Trap errors when invoking spatch, and bubble up as exceptions; introduce hook...David Malcolm1-2/+40
2009-11-20Try to fix more things up for module initializationsDavid Malcolm1-2/+43
2009-11-20Start trying to fixup module initializationDavid Malcolm2-1/+33
2009-11-20Use "Fixes" classes for both python and .cocci fix implementations; invoke th...David Malcolm3-3/+45
2009-11-20Remove redundant code; add note about the file's purposeDavid Malcolm1-17/+6
2009-11-20Move .cocci files and into a new "fixes" subdirectoryDavid Malcolm7-1/+1
2009-11-20Ignore .pyc filesDavid Malcolm1-1/+1