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* Add stub for validation of partition table file during config parsinghotunplugDoug Ledford2010-04-163-0/+13
* Use the action helper functions in a few more placesDoug Ledford2010-04-161-3/+2
* Add check_clean() functionDoug Ledford2010-04-163-6/+40
* Rename *_partition to *_table, fill in a little more meat inDoug Ledford2010-04-163-13/+18
* Compile fixes for IncrementalNew refactorDoug Ledford2010-04-161-3/+0
* The new dev_open_check() will be more useable if we pass back theDoug Ledford2010-04-163-7/+8
* Refactor IncrementalNew into two distinct routines, one for wheneverDoug Ledford2010-04-163-54/+110
* Add new helper function dev_open_check() that does the most commonDoug Ledford2010-04-162-0/+26
* Modify config parsing and domain struct to use a partition handlerDoug Ledford2010-04-162-9/+14
* Stub entries for making partition handling be done via an indirectionDoug Ledford2010-04-162-0/+34
* Add some helper functions to make code cleaner lookingDoug Ledford2010-04-162-14/+6
* Add the table and program options for partition action and make themDoug Ledford2010-04-162-1/+55
* Don't throw away an entire domain because of one bad path. But if itDoug Ledford2010-04-161-5/+25
* More sanity testsDoug Ledford2010-04-151-0/+30
* Initial support for new disk hot plug actions. Nowhere near complete,Doug Ledford2010-04-153-5/+85
* Pass the device name to arrays_in_domain along with the domainDoug Ledford2010-04-152-3/+12
* Added sanity checks on DOMAIN lines, add an action_mask valueDoug Ledford2010-04-152-2/+15
* Change the argument to arrays_in_domain so we aren't always recheckingDoug Ledford2010-04-152-8/+3
* Null terminate our return value so string functions workDoug Ledford2010-04-151-0/+2
* In preparation for new incremental --grab support, update Makefile toDoug Ledford2010-04-153-8/+11
* Refactor code slightly to improve code reuseDoug Ledford2010-04-142-47/+41
* Initial stab at the config option parsing for new DOMAIN line supportDoug Ledford2010-04-143-1/+304
* Fix up discrepancy in whether the long option is --rebuild or --rebuild-mapDoug Ledford2010-04-131-12/+14
* Add flag and help entry for new option to signal we should take a driveDoug Ledford2010-04-131-4/+9
* Sample udev rules file to capture block devices very early in theDoug Ledford2010-04-131-0/+28
* The assumption is that if tfd >= 0, then we have a valid major/minor pairDoug Ledford2010-04-131-6/+6
* udev rules: imsm arrays are a different ID_FS_TYPE, so check for them asDoug Ledford2010-04-131-1/+3
* Minor bug fix to incremental remove supportDoug Ledford2010-04-131-0/+3
* [hotunplug] we are testing mdstat, not ent which is undefined at thisDoug Ledford2010-04-131-3/+3
* Local tweaks to speed build/install/test cyclesDoug Ledford2010-04-132-4/+4
* Fix all the confusion over directories once and for all. We now haveDoug Ledford2010-04-136-65/+46
* Update udev rules for hotplug support.NeilBrown2010-04-091-6/+6
* Add -fail support to --incrementalNeilBrown2010-04-096-9/+88
* Support fail/remove using kernel nameNeilBrown2010-04-091-20/+81
* Add mdstat_by_componentNeilBrown2010-04-092-6/+68
* powerpc compile fixDoug Ledford2010-04-071-1/+1
* Don't attempt to create or read bitmaps where the metadata doesn't support it.NeilBrown2010-04-073-2/+16
* Merge branch 'HEAD'; commit 'a4b93c9ce4f15217afb8'NeilBrown2010-04-071-0/+46
| * Add ANNOUNCE-3.1.2NeilBrown2010-04-071-0/+46
* | Only signal a udev change event if we actually write a mapfile in RebuildMapDoug Ledford2010-03-241-6/+8
* | mapfile: if we putting the mapfile in a custom location via ALT_RUN, allowDoug Ledford2010-03-243-2/+6
* | Create directory to contain mapfile (Assuming parent exists andDoug Ledford2010-03-242-5/+14
* | (no commit message)NeilBrown2010-03-241-1/+6
* Release mdadm-3.1.2NeilBrown2010-03-107-8/+9
* tests: adjust sizes for new defaultsNeilBrown2010-03-1017-33/+38
* ddf/intel: zero out old metadata before creating a container.NeilBrown2010-03-102-2/+10
* Grow: fix recent breakage - lseek return status.NeilBrown2010-03-101-3/+8
* Assemble: fix some recently introduced bugs.NeilBrown2010-03-101-10/+17
* Merge branch 'master' of git://
| * imsm: kill ->creating_imsm flagDan Williams2010-03-031-6/+4