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* fixed a small environment bugscott Chacon2007-11-111-4/+4
* added the commit(), changed base.commit, base.tree, base.blob to gcommit, gtr...scott Chacon2007-11-113-14/+45
* git add working, git status object workingscott Chacon2007-11-114-24/+189
* got clone and init to work - my first writing functionsscott Chacon2007-11-104-22/+70
* few hours work - diff is donescott Chacon2007-11-107-45/+244
* added branches, more log stuff, better tests, changed the log api a bitscott Chacon2007-11-099-16/+183
* added some branching beginningsscott Chacon2007-11-086-5/+50
* got all the unit tests to run from either place, fixed some old functionalityscott Chacon2007-11-082-1/+5
* moved the git objects into the object.rb filescott Chacon2007-11-086-31/+160
* added log functionsscott Chacon2007-11-086-4/+92
* added some testing files and got some real tests to runscott Chacon2007-11-071-3/+0
* got the first round workingscott Chacon2007-11-076-0/+144
* beginning of Ruby/Git projectscott Chacon2007-11-071-0/+7