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* Adding trivial rebase supportBrenton Leanhardt2008-06-241-0/+6
* Adding forcefull pushingBrenton Leanhardt2008-06-241-2/+6
* added grep and author searching to logsScott Chacon2008-05-271-0/+4
* added apply and am functions and --until to logsScott Chacon2008-05-271-0/+15
* Add the possibility to read blob contents in chunks via IO#popenMichael Siebert2008-05-121-6/+14
* bug fixesScott Chacon2008-03-231-16/+15
* Added gc task to base.Joshua Peek2008-03-141-0/+4
* added patch from Cassie Schmitz for file checkoutScott Chacon2008-03-131-0/+7
* added tree.depth and tree.full_treeScott Chacon2008-03-081-0/+8
* reverted the pure ruby code to system calls and split the pure ruby to a new ...Scott Chacon2008-03-081-34/+8
* Merge commit 'eric/master' into testScott Chacon2008-03-031-1/+31
| * Added in the stashesEric Goodwin2008-03-031-1/+31
* | added a small fix from Shu-yu Guo <shu at> to not pass-thru $COMMIT_...scott Chacon2008-01-311-1/+1
* | patch provided by Nick Hengeveldscott Chacon2008-01-141-3/+3
* applied a patch by mateusz jedruch <> for iterating ...scott Chacon2007-11-291-6/+27
* fixed issue with running a 'git log' with an object that won't rev-parse (file)scott Chacon2007-11-271-2/+4
* added Matthias and Simon to credits for the gitrb codescott Chacon2007-11-271-5/+11
* started the ruby-only command line git clientscott Chacon2007-11-231-2/+3
* got log and cat-file moved to pure rubyscott Chacon2007-11-231-4/+23
* added a timer to gitweb, so I can see if i'm speeding it upscott Chacon2007-11-201-3/+4
* i now have the gitweb view page running off only 2 git callsscott Chacon2007-11-201-9/+63
* added some TODO notes, the History.txt entry i forgot and a way to attach a c...scott Chacon2007-11-191-6/+12
* more speed improvementsscott Chacon2007-11-191-0/+3
* changed logging to be far more efficient if you're accessing all the commit o...scott Chacon2007-11-191-5/+41
* made it not change working directories when running git commands unless it ne...scott Chacon2007-11-171-23/+26
* significantly improved log performancescott Chacon2007-11-171-1/+1
* updated the docsscott Chacon2007-11-161-6/+6
* added checkout_indexscott Chacon2007-11-161-0/+8
* added update-refscott Chacon2007-11-161-0/+5
* added some low level tree operations and testsscott Chacon2007-11-161-0/+26
* new bare testing reposcott Chacon2007-11-151-17/+2
* added test for bare reposcott Chacon2007-11-151-4/+19
* added name-rev support for commit objectsscott Chacon2007-11-141-1/+4
* added 'archive' and testsscott Chacon2007-11-141-1/+35
* added the tree functions and testsscott Chacon2007-11-121-0/+10
* added a bunch of good stuff to the commit objectscott Chacon2007-11-121-0/+26
* added push, changed some docs, merged README and EXAMPLES, fixed the Rake tas...scott Chacon2007-11-121-0/+4
* added documentation and a license filescott Chacon2007-11-111-2/+2
* adding my testing git directoryscott Chacon2007-11-111-1/+3
* added taggingscott Chacon2007-11-111-2/+40
* added merging functionsscott Chacon2007-11-111-1/+12
* added branch and checkout functionalityscott Chacon2007-11-111-0/+21
* added remove and resetscott Chacon2007-11-111-0/+18
* fixed a small environment bugscott Chacon2007-11-111-4/+4
* added the commit(), changed base.commit, base.tree, base.blob to gcommit, gtr...scott Chacon2007-11-111-5/+16
* git add working, git status object workingscott Chacon2007-11-111-23/+74
* got clone and init to work - my first writing functionsscott Chacon2007-11-101-3/+30
* few hours work - diff is donescott Chacon2007-11-101-14/+69
* added branches, more log stuff, better tests, changed the log api a bitscott Chacon2007-11-091-5/+45
* added some branching beginningsscott Chacon2007-11-081-2/+10