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@@ -117,17 +117,33 @@ also get total statistics from the <a
href="../classes/Git/Diff.html">Git::Diff</a> object directly.
-<a href="../classes/Git/Status.html">Git::Status</a>
+<a href="../classes/Git/Status.html">Git::Status</a> - returns from a
+@git.status command. It is an Enumerable that returns <a
+href="../classes/Git.html">Git</a>:Status::StatusFile objects for each
+object in git, which includes files in the working directory, in the index
+and in the repository. Similar to running &#8216;git status&#8217; on the
+command line to determine untracked and changed files.
-<a href="../classes/Git/Branches.html">Git::Branches</a>
+<a href="../classes/Git/Branches.html">Git::Branches</a> - Enumerable
+object that holds <a href="../classes/Git/Branch.html">Git::Branch</a>
+objects. You can call .local or .remote on it to filter to just your local
+or remote branches.
-<a href="../classes/Git/Remote.html">Git::Remote</a>
+<a href="../classes/Git/Remote.html">Git::Remote</a> - A reference to a
+remote repository that is tracked by this repository.
-<a href="../classes/Git/Log.html">Git::Log</a>
+<a href="../classes/Git/Log.html">Git::Log</a> - An Enumerable object that
+references all the <a
+href="../classes/Git/Object/Commit.html">Git::Object::Commit</a> objects
+that encompass your log query, which can be constructed through methods on
+the <a href="../classes/Git/Log.html">Git::Log</a> object, like:
+ @git.log(20).object(&quot;HEAD^&quot;).since(&quot;2 weeks ago&quot;).between('v2.6', 'v2.7').each { |commit| [block] }
Here are a bunch of examples of how to use the Ruby/<a