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Git public hosting of the project source code is at:
-= Roadmap
-Right now I'm forking calls to the 'git' binary,
-but eventually I'll replace that with either C bindings
-to libgit or libgit-thin, or I'll write pure ruby
-handlers for at least some of the Git stuff.
-Many of the simple read-only operations have already been
-moved to pure ruby.
= Major Objects
@@ -50,22 +40,6 @@ your log query, which can be constructed through methods on the Git::Log object,
@git.log(20).object("some_file").since("2 weeks ago").between('v2.6', 'v2.7').each { |commit| [block] }
-= Gitr
-I have included a command line pure-ruby git client called 'gitr'
-The following commands are available - they all will run in pure ruby, without forking out the the git binary.
-In fact, they can be run on a machine without git compiled on it.
-commands: log
- log-shas
- cat-file (treeish)
- rev-parse (treeish)
- branches
- config
- ls-tree (tree)
= Examples
Here are a bunch of examples of how to use the Ruby/Git package.
@@ -261,4 +235,4 @@ Some examples of more low-level index and tree operations
# do file work
g.commit # commits to index
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