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* Revert to previous local boot PXE policyMichael DeHaan2008-05-061-1/+1
* Change default PXE behavior for local to "-1" which means next step in bootMichael DeHaan2008-05-051-1/+1
* Add some missing files and do some more work on dns/dhcp refactoringMichael DeHaan2008-05-022-0/+31
* Adjusting the dhcp patch some, prior to moving it all into modules/Michael DeHaan2008-05-021-1/+3
* Apply Pablo's patch to add OMAPI support to dhcp config generation.Michael DeHaan2008-05-021-0/+1
* Apply iranzo's memtest patchMichael DeHaan2008-04-091-2/+0
* update templates to invoke menu.c32 automatically w/ timeout, skipping the st...Michael DeHaan2008-04-081-2/+6
* Working on adding checks for duplicate names/ips/macs to cobblerroot2008-04-041-1/+1
* Remove duplicate append.Michael DeHaan2007-06-291-1/+1
* Change cobbler code to use /etc/ethers and /var/lib/cobbler/cobbler_hostsMichael DeHaan2007-05-241-5/+7
* Adding dnsmasq templateMichael DeHaan2007-05-241-0/+18
* I reorged this template directory some time ago but apparently cleanupMichael DeHaan2007-04-201-0/+14
* Changes cobbler_syslogd to cobblerd, and this new daemon now offers koanMichael DeHaan2007-04-191-14/+0
* cobbler.conf (httpd conf file) should be in version control, alsoMichael DeHaan2007-04-131-0/+14
* Remove typo from rsync.excludeMichael DeHaan2007-04-021-1/+0
* Improvements/fixes to the "DVD import" code so that they know more aboutMichael DeHaan2007-04-021-1/+2
* Most of these diffs come from directory reorg/cleanup, though the main featur...Michael DeHaan2007-03-196-0/+68