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* * Removing the sqlite3-ruby gem (it's included in the SRPM)HEADmasterMatt Hicks2008-07-172-0/+0
* Updating the sqlite3 specMatt Hicks2008-07-161-0/+0
* Switching back to the stock version of rubygem-sqlite3Matt Hicks2008-07-162-0/+0
* Updating the spec for the sqlite3 gemMatt Hicks2008-07-151-0/+0
* Fixing main gem versionMatt Hicks2008-07-152-0/+0
* Added authors fileChris Alfonso2008-07-141-0/+1
* Updating the sqlite3 RPM to handle all the Koji requirements.Matt Hicks2008-07-132-0/+0
* Adding src RPMs for genome gemsroot2008-07-1312-0/+0