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* headers aren't eating the world now, many other tags are commented out until ...HEADmasterBret McMillan2008-11-173-43/+33
* slim down customized configsBret McMillan2008-11-171-8/+4
* fixes for headers; intial support for lists and tables, both still need more ...Bret McMillan2008-11-172-17/+93
* dos2unix fixesBret McMillan2008-11-171-124/+124
* tweak initialization of tinymce to get closer to desired resultsBret McMillan2008-11-171-3/+12
* working on getting tinymce to work w/ mediawikiBret McMillan2008-11-143-0/+327
* customizations of configuration to make mediawiki work w/ the various extensionsBret McMillan2008-11-101-0/+148
* initial tinymce support for mediawikiBret McMillan2008-11-10265-0/+35123
* SimpleSecurity extension for mediawikiBret McMillan2008-11-101-0/+491
* REMOTE_USER support for mediawikiBret McMillan2008-11-101-0/+329