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+This tool does one thing only: it modifies the kernel parameters
+used in a .axf file that is turn used by the ARM FAST or Foundation
+models to run an ARMv8 platform simulation.
+The .axf file in this directory is as it says, useless. It will not
+boot. It is only used as a template to create an axf file (sans
+initrd) that _will_ boot.
+The ./paxf program takes two parameters: the first is the name to use
+for the output axf file; the second is the string to use for the kernel
+parameters in the axf file. It also assumes that linux-system-useless.axf
+is in ./.
+To build it:
+ $ make
+To run it:
+ $ ./paxf <output-file> <kernel-parameters>
+For example, to recreate the axf file I use for an NFS root:
+ $ ./paxf foo.axf "root=/dev/nfs nfsroot=,tcp,v3 rw ip= console=ttyAMA0 mem=2G earlyprintk debug maxcpus=2"