path: root/stage2
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* set proper target in stage2Al Stone2012-10-171-1/+1
* make /var/tmpDJ Delorie2012-07-061-0/+8
* script->make, ccache moveDJ Delorie2012-07-031-71/+16
* Remove unneeded commandsDJ Delorie2012-06-281-4/+0
* F17 udpatesDJ Delorie2012-06-261-6/+34
* Sync recipe stuff from rootfs treeDJ Delorie2011-07-051-265/+21
* Create /tmp if neededDJ Delorie2011-06-171-0/+7
* Update stage1's SRPM list for stage2. Add libmpc alias to stage2DJ Delorie2011-06-171-1/+1
* Clarify handling of build order and can't-build packagesDJ Delorie2011-06-151-4/+12
* Merge from rootfsDJ Delorie2011-06-151-8/+221
* Make /dev nodes as neededDJ Delorie2011-06-101-0/+24
* Stage2: ncurses, curl, m4, flex, bison, texinfo, gdbDJ Delorie2011-06-101-3/+70
* Initial versionDJ Delorie2011-06-061-0/+111