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@@ -18,14 +18,14 @@ Here is how it works:
On the undercloud, as the 'stack' user perform the following steps:
-1) source stackrc
-2) git clone
-3) ./policydir/files/
+ 1) source stackrc
+ 2) git clone
+ 3) ./policydir/files/
(this will auto-detect the controllers and push the appropriate policies)
To restrict a user, then simply do add the 'readonly' role to the user, do a:
-openstack role add --project <tenant_name> --user <user_name> readonly
+ openstack role add --project <tenant_name> --user <user_name> readonly
To lift the restrictions and re-enable modifications to the overcloud, do a:
-'''openstack role remove --project <tenant_name> --user <user_name> readonly'''
+ openstack role remove --project <tenant_name> --user <user_name> readonly