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* Fix uninitialized attributes.Jan Cholasta2011-04-211-0/+2
* Setting an empty set of target attributes should raise an exception.Rob Crittenden2011-01-101-0/+4
| | | | | | | | | | | It is possible to create an ACI with attributes and then try to set that to None via a mod command later. We need to catch this and raise an exception. If all attributes are set to None in an aci then the attr target is removed from the ACI. This could result in an illegal ACI if there are no other targets. Having no targets is a legal state, just not a legal final state. ticket 647
* Change FreeIPA license to GPLv3+Jakub Hrozek2010-12-201-5/+5
| | | | | | | | | | The changes include: * Change license blobs in source files to mention GPLv3+ not GPLv2 only * Add GPLv3+ license text * Package COPYING not LICENSE as the license blobs (even the old ones) mention COPYING specifically, it is also more common, I think
* Fix two bugs: one in parsing the ACI and one in comparing two ACIsRob Crittenden2009-11-251-4/+4
| | | | | | | | | | The parsing bug was looking for the string 'version' expecting to find the ACI version. This blew up with the attribute nsosversion. Use the string 'version 3.0' instead. The comparison bug appeared if neither ACI had a targetattr attribute. It was trying to create a set out of a None which is illegal. If an ACI doesn't have any targetattrs then return () instead.
* Fix aci plugin, enhance aci parsing capabilities, add user group supportRob Crittenden2009-09-281-14/+18
| | | | | | | | | | | | - The aci plugin didn't quite work with the new ldap2 backend. - We already walk through the target part of the ACI syntax so skip that in the regex altogether. This now lets us handle all current ACIs in IPA (some used to be ignored/skipped) - Add support for user groups so one can do v1-style delegation (group A can write attributes x,y,z in group B). It is actually quite a lot more flexible than that but you get the idea) - Improve error messages in the aci library - Add a bit of documentation to the aci plugin
* Clean up additional issues discovered with pylint and pycheckerRob Crittenden2009-08-201-1/+1
* Fix DS ACI parsing.Pavel Zuna2009-06-021-5/+5
* Update the ACI class to be more robust and the beginnings of an ACI pluginRob Crittenden2009-03-181-87/+164
| | | | | | The ACI plugin is really meant for developers to help manage the ACIs. It may or may not be shipped. If it is it will be disabled by default. It is very much a shoot-in-foot problem waiting to happen.
* Some PEP-257 and reStructuredText fixes in ipalib/, ipa_server/ipaldap.pyJason Gerard DeRose2008-10-171-7/+16
* Stub out delegationsRob Crittenden2008-10-111-0/+236
Add ACI class