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* Extract the shared dynamic edit code.milestone_4Kevin McCarthy2007-09-284-142/+181
* Sort the group members on the view and edit group pages.Kevin McCarthy2007-09-281-0/+32
* Refactoring to allow better member rendering.Kevin McCarthy2007-09-284-37/+104
* Adds nested group handling to the view and edit group pages.Kevin McCarthy2007-09-275-108/+139
* patch queue: add_filters.patchKevin McCarthy2007-09-271-0/+3
* Make timelimit a parameter to the find methods.Kevin McCarthy2007-09-274-18/+14
* patch queue: group_users_use_dns.patchKevin McCarthy2007-09-277-71/+139
* Install the web guiKarl MacMillan2007-09-2814-77/+350
* Misc small fixesKarl MacMillan2007-09-288-8/+11
* Make apache work with selinuxKarl MacMillan2007-09-281-0/+3
* Misc small fixes:Kevin McCarthy2007-09-256-24/+37
* Adds methods to manipulate groups by dns.Kevin McCarthy2007-09-265-84/+214
* Fix a couple of XML-RPC functions that were missing the opts argumentrcritten@redhat.com2007-09-263-4/+67
* patch queue: helptext.patchKevin McCarthy2007-09-263-0/+48
* Add IPA icon file.Kevin McCarthy2007-09-251-0/+0
* Adds manager and direct reports to usershow page.Kevin McCarthy2007-09-256-3/+71
* Show the list of groups a user belongs to.Kevin McCarthy2007-09-256-3/+63
* Use a different directory for test programsrcritten@redhat.com2007-09-252-3/+4
* Make doing basic testing of Kerberos ticket forwarding and system setuprcritten@redhat.com2007-09-254-12/+203
* Fix error when using with TurboGearsrcritten@redhat.com2007-09-251-2/+3
* Do per-user browser configurationrcritten@redhat.com2007-09-241-0/+41
* Add a per-user re-configuration scriptrcritten@redhat.com2007-09-243-2/+8
* First crack at automated browser configuration. Requires running arcritten@redhat.com2007-09-246-1/+137
* Install the error web pagesrcritten@redhat.com2007-09-241-0/+2
* Show (hopefully) useful information if the Kerberos connection fails.rcritten@redhat.com2007-09-243-0/+86
* Print the request environment for debugging purposes.rcritten@redhat.com2007-09-241-0/+11
* Enable LDAP debugging using the mod_python Apache configuration directivercritten@redhat.com2007-09-214-10/+20
* Give ipa-adduser, ipa-addgroup and ipa-usermod an interactive modercritten@redhat.com2007-09-219-34/+600
* Add a failed login page. In theory it should never been seen but it makesrcritten@redhat.com2007-09-215-113/+41
* Don't fall back on proxy authentication. We don't generate the certificatesrcritten@redhat.com2007-09-241-4/+7
* Add a missing exception catcherrcritten@redhat.com2007-09-244-0/+12
* Add set_krbccache() calls to new controller methods.Kevin McCarthy2007-09-202-10/+9
* Remove support for LDAP proxy connectionsrcritten@redhat.com2007-09-203-19/+0
* Merge with upstreamSimo Sorce2007-09-2027-96/+2019
| * Merge conflicts between rob and kevin patchesSimo Sorce2007-09-2023-64/+1913
| |\
| | * Add password changing call to web gui.Kevin McCarthy2007-09-191-3/+18
| | * Handle add/remove failures a little bit better.Kevin McCarthy2007-09-192-18/+31
| | * Implement asynchronous search for groups.Kevin McCarthy2007-09-195-20/+70
| | * Add client-side search limit parameter for user search.Kevin McCarthy2007-09-187-17/+32
| | * Fixes to the edit protected checkbox.Kevin McCarthy2007-09-187-11/+40
| | * Prevent members from being added added twice.Kevin McCarthy2007-09-172-11/+54
| | * Persist adds and removes on a server round trip.Kevin McCarthy2007-09-172-12/+65
| | * patch queue: groupmember.patchKevin McCarthy2007-09-146-30/+331
| | * Adding sort images.Kevin McCarthy2007-09-132-0/+0
| | * Group edit pageKevin McCarthy2007-09-128-9/+279
| | * Add group screen. More to come...Kevin McCarthy2007-09-116-7/+172
| | * Small fixes to proxyprovider.Kevin McCarthy2007-09-111-7/+7
| | * Adds javascript table sorting for user resultsKevin McCarthy2007-09-133-2/+887
| * | Use ticket forwarding with TurboGears. mod_proxy forwards the principalrcritten@redhat.com2007-09-147-34/+47
| * | Add function to allow user's to set/reset their kerberos passwordrcritten@redhat.com2007-09-116-11/+72
| |/