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Fix wording in examples of delegation plugin.
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@@ -28,18 +28,18 @@ of attributes of members of another group.
- Add a delegation rule to allow editors to edit admin's addresses:
- ipa delegation-add --attrs=street --membergroup=admins --group=editors 'editors edit admins street'
+ Add a delegation rule to allow managers to edit employee's addresses:
+ ipa delegation-add --attrs=street --membergroup=managers --group=employees "managers edit employees' street"
When managing the list of attributes you need to include all attributes
in the list, including existing ones. Add postalCode to the list:
- ipa delegation-mod --attrs=street,postalCode --membergroup=admins --group=editors 'editors edit admins street'
+ ipa delegation-mod --attrs=street,postalCode --membergroup=managers --group=employees "managers edit employees' street"
Display our updated rule:
- ipa delegation-show 'editors edit admins street'
+ ipa delegation-show "managers edit employees' street"
Delete a rule:
- ipa delegation-del 'editors edit admins street'
+ ipa delegation-del "managers edit employees' street"
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