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authorRob Crittenden <>2009-09-14 17:04:08 -0400
committerJason Gerard DeRose <>2009-09-24 17:45:49 -0600
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Enrollment for a host in an IPA domain
This will create a host service principal and may create a host entry (for admins). A keytab will be generated, by default in /etc/krb5.keytab If no kerberos credentails are available then enrollment over LDAPS is used if a password is provided. This change requires that openldap be used as our C LDAP client. It is much easier to do SSL using openldap than mozldap (no certdb required). Otherwise we'd have to write a slew of extra code to create a temporary cert database, import the CA cert, ...
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diff --git a/install/updates/40-delegation.update b/install/updates/40-delegation.update
index 220c489..ee7f4db 100644
--- a/install/updates/40-delegation.update
+++ b/install/updates/40-delegation.update
@@ -222,8 +222,9 @@ add:aci: '(target = "ldap:///cn=*,cn=computers,cn=accounts,$SUFFIX")(version
add:aci: '(target = "ldap:///cn=*,cn=computers,cn=accounts,$SUFFIX")(version
3.0;acl "Remove Hosts";allow (delete) groupdn = "ldap:///cn=removehosts,cn=
-add:aci: '(targetattr = "cn || description || locality || location || platform
- || os")(target = "ldap:///cn=*,cn=computers,cn=accounts,$SUFFIX")(version 3.0;
+add:aci: '(targetattr = "cn || description || l || location ||
+ nshardwareplatform || nsosversion")
+ (target = "ldap:///fqdn=*,cn=computers,cn=accounts,$SUFFIX")(version 3.0;
acl "Modify Hosts";allow (write) groupdn = "ldap:///cn=modifyhosts,
@@ -449,16 +450,36 @@ add:member:'cn=hostadmin,cn=rolegroups,cn=accounts,$SUFFIX'
# Add the ACI needed to do host keytab admin
-add:aci: '(targetattr = "krbPrincipalKey")(target = "ldap:///cn=*,
- cn=computers,cn=accounts,$SUFFIX")(version 3.0;acl "Manage host keytab";
+add:aci: '(targetattr = "krbPrincipalKey || krbLastPwdChange")
+ (target = "ldap:///fqdn=*,cn=computers,cn=accounts,$SUFFIX")
+ (version 3.0;acl "Manage host keytab";
allow (write) groupdn = "ldap:///cn=manage_host_keytab,cn=taskgroups,
+# Taskgroup for enrolling hosts. Note that this also requires
+# manage_host_keytab access
+dn: cn=enroll_host,cn=taskgroups,cn=accounts,$SUFFIX
+add:objectClass: top
+add:objectClass: groupofnames
+add:cn: enroll_host
+add:description: Enroll a host
+# Add the ACI needed to do host enrollment. When this occurs we
+# set the krbPrincipalName, add krbPrincipalAux to objectClass and
+# set enrolledBy to whoever ran join.
+dn: $SUFFIX
+add:aci: '(targetattr = "krbPrincipalName || enrolledBy || objectClass")
+ (target = "ldap:///fqdn=*,cn=computers,cn=accounts,$SUFFIX")
+ (version 3.0;acl "Enroll a host";
+ allow (write) groupdn = "ldap:///cn=enroll_host,cn=taskgroups,
+ cn=accounts,$SUFFIX";)'
# Taskgroup for updating the DNS entries
dn: cn=update_dns,cn=taskgroups,cn=accounts,$SUFFIX
add:objectClass: top
add:objectClass: groupofnames
-add:cn: manage_host_keytab
+add:cn: update_sn
add:description: Updates DNS