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Updated hostgroup plugins module to where it can at least be imported
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@@ -54,6 +54,19 @@ CRUD base classes:
* The Retrieve method should add in the common Flag('all') option for
retrieving all attributes.
+ * We probably need some LDAP centric crud method base classes, like
+ LDAPCreate, etc. Or other options it to have an LDAPObject base class and
+ have the crud Method plugins rely more on their corresponding Object plugin.
+Existing plugins:
+ * Many existing plugins that are doing crud-type operations aren't using the
+ Object + Method way of defining their parameters, and are therefore defining
+ the exact same parameter several times in a module. This should be fixed
+ one way or another... if there are deficiencies in the crud base classes,
+ they need to be improved.
Command Line interface:
@@ -61,6 +74,10 @@ Command Line interface:
* Make possible Enum values self-documenting
+ * All "comma-separated list of..." parameters should really be changed to
+ multivalue and have a flag that tells the CLI whether a multivalue should
+ be parsed as comma-separated.
Improve ease of plugin writting
- make "from ipalib import *" import everything a plugin writter will need