BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
30gatepoResolve external members from trusted domain via Global CatalogAlexander Bokovoy8 years
4-2-trust-fixesclient referral support for trusted domain principalsAlexander Bokovoy5 years
ad-workGain information from ADTomas Babej8 years
adworkAdd error condition handling to the SASL bind callback in ipasamAlexander Bokovoy9 years
kdc-fixesTODO: make sure a single krbPrincipalName value gets used for canonicalizatio...Alexander Bokovoy5 years
oneway-trusttrust: support retrieving POSIX IDs with one-way trust during trust-addAlexander Bokovoy6 years
systemd-masterUpdate spec file to use systemd on Fedora 16 and aboveAlexander Bokovoy9 years
testotpSupport OTP in form based authPetr Vobornik7 years
trusts-masteripasam: add enumeration of UPN suffixes based on the realm domainsAlexander Bokovoy8 years
viewsWIP: support idviews in compat treeAlexander Bokovoy6 years
TagDownloadAuthorAge  freeipa-release-2-1-0.tar.gz  freeipa-release-2-1-0.tar.xz  Rob Crittenden9 years  freeipa-release-2-0-1.tar.gz  freeipa-release-2-0-1.tar.xz  Rob Crittenden10 years  freeipa-release-2-0-0.tar.gz  freeipa-release-2-0-0.tar.xz  Rob Crittenden10 years  freeipa-rc_3-2-0-0.tar.gz  freeipa-rc_3-2-0-0.tar.xz  Rob Crittenden10 years  freeipa-rc_2-2-0-0.tar.gz  freeipa-rc_2-2-0-0.tar.xz  Rob Crittenden10 years  freeipa-rc_1-2-0-0.tar.gz  freeipa-rc_1-2-0-0.tar.xz  Rob Crittenden10 years  freeipa-beta_2-2-0-0.tar.gz  freeipa-beta_2-2-0-0.tar.xz  Rob Crittenden10 years  freeipa-beta_1-2-0-0.tar.gz  freeipa-beta_1-2-0-0.tar.xz  Rob Crittenden10 years  freeipa-alpha_5-1-9-0-1.tar.gz  freeipa-alpha_5-1-9-0-1.tar.xz  Rob Crittenden10 years  freeipa-alpha_5-1-9-0.tar.gz  freeipa-alpha_5-1-9-0.tar.xz  Rob Crittenden10 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2008-12-03Fix stupid typo in update filerelease-1-2-1Simo Sorce1-1/+1
2008-12-03Bump up the version number for a new releaseSimo Sorce1-1/+1
2008-12-03Change ipa-compat-manage to work on older python versions too. Break try,exce...Simo Sorce1-36/+50
2008-12-03One line fix for ipa-server spec fileSimo Sorce1-0/+1
2008-12-02Adding an index for memberuid. Alsthough we do not use this attribute, many c...Simo Sorce2-0/+12
2008-12-02Forgot to add ipa-compat-manage to the sbin programsSimo Sorce1-0/+1
2008-12-02Add man page for ipa-compat-manageSimo Sorce2-0/+47
2008-12-02Fix makefiles after schema compat changesSimo Sorce3-2/+3
2008-12-01Corrected usage messages and manpage to match the logic for the ipa-replica-m...Nathan Kinder2-2/+2
2008-12-01Fix typo, thanks to Michele for pointing it outSimo Sorce1-1/+1