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I am a machine learning engineer at 3DUniversum, a spin-off startup of the University of Amsterdam.

I was a PhD Candidate at Informatics Institute / Computer Vision Lab, the University of Amsterdam working on 3D Computer Vision & Deep Learning, advised by Prof. Theo Gevers and dr. Sezer Karaouglu. Before PhD, I studied Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science at the University of Amsterdam and National Technical University of Ukraine “KPI”. Russian and Vietnamese are my “native” languages.

3DUniversum is hiring! Drop us an email if interested.



Random Code:

cmake-project.vim, theano-roi-align, theano-flownet, LeechCraft IC, Cantor, Labplot

Below are some software I am maintaining (lazily) in the official Fedora repository. Push me (hardly) if you need updates.
kdevelop-python, qxmpp, kfaenza-icon-theme, plus some old leechcraft spec files.

Some software I used to maintain for the openSUSE repository, including djvu2pdf, kbdd, libtorrent-rasterbar and scim-unikey.


Our paper “Identity Unbiased Deception Detection by 2D-to-3D Face Reconstruction” got accepted at WACV 2021!

We collaborated with Netherlands Film Academy and therapists to see the implications of bringing deceased loved ones back using DeepFake therapy. Check out the documentary.

Our paper “Unified Application of Style Transfer for FaceSwapping and Reenactment” got accepted as Oral (acceptance rate ~5%) at ACCV 2020!

Ipek Ganiyusufoglu successfully completed her master thesis “Spatio-temporal Features for Generalized Detection of Deepfake Videos” under my co-supervision. Congrats, Ipek!

Old News

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