Docker Vs Systemd

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Docker Vs Systemd


Docker Vs Systemd

As Rodney King said

Systemd working with docker daemon

Who owns Restart

autorestart in docker

docker run in a unit file with autorestart

restarting docker daemon stops all containers

SD_Notify - Docker

docker daemon does sd_notify now!

Socket Activation - Docker

docker daemon can do socket activation - /var/run/docker.sock


breaks autorestart in docker

Note: systemd used to break uid setting on /var/run/docker.sock

Systemd working with docker containers

Docker Containers

Docker client-server operation

Systemd reqests SD_NOTIFY from docker client

Client sends SD_NOTIFY message to server

Server sets up container to do SD_NOTIFY

Server gets SD_NOTIFY from container

Server sends SD_NOTIFY message to client

Client sets SD_NOTIFY to tell systemd docker container is ready

Patches not accepted by docker

Socket Activation
Docker Containers

Didn't even try

CGroup Configuration of Docker Containers

Docker manages cgroups itself

docker run in unit file

Modifying cgroup settings in unit file
or via systemctl

affects client
not container processes


runc from opencontainers does not use client server model

runc containers in unit files work well with systemd

SD_Notify Merged

Socket Activation Merged

Modifying cgroup unit file settings or via systemctl works

docker logs journald support

Logging of container output local to docker

docker rm container-id
removes all logs

docker-1.9 supports --log-driver=journald

Making journald default log-driver in Rawhide, F24

Systemd in base image

Minimal image size

But packages require /usr/bin/systemctl, for postinstall scripts

Pulls in systemd and all of its requirements

v1: fakesystemd - RHEL7.0

v2: systemd-container - RHEL7.1

v3: systemd - RHEL7.2

Running Systemd in Container

systemd in container benefits

Proper pid 1 - Cleanup Zombies

Default docker containers: writes to syslog == /dev/null

Journald support, get syslog messages on the host journalctl

Running apps as designed by packager

#cat Dockerfile
FROM 		fedora
RUN yum -y install httpd; yum clean all; systemctl enable httpd;
CMD [ "/sbin/init" ]

How have I Failed?

Set container_uuid environment #7685 Closed

Patch set to support systemd as PID1 in container #13525 Closed

Implement journalctl to see journald data within a docker container #10994 Closed

Have docker register its machine with systemd #13526 Closed

Latest attempt


Add dockerhooks program to run hooks under runc #17021


But we will carry in docker-1.10


oci-register-machine hook

All containers will be registered with machinectl

# machinectl 
MACHINE                          CLASS     SERVICE
9a65036e4a6dc769d0e40fa80871f95a container docker 
fd493b71a79c2b7913be54a1c9c77f1c container runc
2 machines listed.

Running systemd
Without --privilege

oci-systemd hook

mounts tmpfs on /run and /tmp

creates directory /var/log/journald/UUID on host

Mounts it on /var/log/journald in container

Creates /etc/machine-id in container with containers UUID

Eventually will mount /sys/fs/cgroup/systemd into container

Making docker stop work

Docker defaults to SIGTERM

systemd does not like sigterm

docker run --stop-signal=SIGPWR ...