Errors seen in LOGS/python-kaa-metadata-0.7.7-5.fc17

This is a summary of errors seen when compiling with an experimental static analysis tool

Raw build logs can be seen here

Segfaults within error-handling paths

Code paths in error-handling that will lead to a segmentatation fault (e.g. under low memory conditions)

src/disc/ifomodule.c ifoinfo_parse calling PyList_Append with NULL as argument 1 (ret) at src/disc/ifomodule.c:320
src/disc/cdrommodule.c init_cdrom calling PyDict_SetItemString with NULL as argument 3 (cdrom_error.1) at src/disc/cdrommodule.c:243

Possible reference leaks

Code paths in which the reference count of an object might too large - but in which the reference in question came from a function not known to the analyzer.

The analyzer assumes such references are new references, but if the function returns a borrowed reference instead, it's probably not a bug

src/disc/cdrommodule.c cdrom_open ob_refcnt of '*cdrom_file_object' is 1 too high

Returning (PyObject*)NULL without setting an exception

These messages are often false-positives: the analysis tool has no knowledge about internal API calls that can lead to an exception being set
src/disc/ifomodule.c ifoinfo_get_audio_track returning (PyObject*)NULL without setting an exception
src/disc/ifomodule.c ifoinfo_get_subtitle_track returning (PyObject*)NULL without setting an exception