Errors seen in LOGS/python-yenc-0.3-10.fc17

This is a summary of errors seen when compiling with an experimental static analysis tool

Raw build logs can be seen here

Unclassified errors

The triager didn't know how to classify these ones

src/_yenc.c encode_buffer usage of uninitialized data (encoded) on left-hand side of + at src/_yenc.c:173

Segfaults within error-handling paths

Code paths in error-handling that will lead to a segmentatation fault (e.g. under low memory conditions)

src/_yenc.c decode_string dereferencing NULL (Py_output_string->ob_refcnt) at src/_yenc.c:413
src/_yenc.c encode_string dereferencing NULL (Py_output_string->ob_refcnt) at src/_yenc.c:312

Implementation notes for gcc-with-cpychecker

The following "Py" functions were used but aren't yet explicitly handled by gcc-with-cpychecker