BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
alee_profilesubmitinitial checkin for profile subit changesAde Lee7 years
alee_profilesubmit_0525Second checkin - this adds ProfileProcessor and some logic to do cert enrollm...Ade Lee7 years
alee_profilesubmit_0613Add code to do cert approvalsAde Lee7 years
alee_profilesubmit_0616latest commit with endi changes and debuggingAde Lee7 years
alee_resteasy_2Fix test client errorsAde Lee7 years
ayoung-ticket-2Formatting - fix bad wrapsAde Lee7 years
masterBZ 771357 - sslget does not work after FEDORA-2011-17400 update,Ade Lee7 years
ticket-2Formatting - fix bad wrapsAde Lee7 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2012-01-05BZ 771357 - sslget does not work after FEDORA-2011-17400 update,HEADmasterAde Lee1-9/+47
2012-01-04typesafety ACL Impls Random type safety cleanups.Adam Young9-72/+72
2012-01-04typesafe returns on IDBSession for VirtualListAdam Young3-43/+45
2012-01-04type safety certserv cms and cmscoreAdam Young40-248/+269
2012-01-04Typesafety for certsrv.kraAdam Young4-36/+38
2012-01-04typesafety db and loggingAdam Young13-99/+102
2012-01-04typesafety cron and jobschedulerAdam Young4-23/+23
2012-01-04typesafety certserv and cmscoreAdam Young17-44/+43
2011-12-22type safety for certserv.baseAdam Young24-172/+174
2011-12-22type safety for certserv.authorizationAdam Young7-56/+53