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* kernel-5.7.0-0.rc2.1Jeremy Cline2020-04-201-0/+25
* Mon Apr 20 2020 Jeremy Cline <> [5.7.0-0.rc2.1] - v5.7-rc2 rebase - Add a README to the dist-git repository (Jeremy Cline) - Copy distro files rather than moving them (Jeremy Cline) - Drop DIST from release commits and tags (Jeremy Cline) - Place the buildid before the dist in the release (Jeremy Cline) - Sync up with Fedora arm configuration prior to merging (Jeremy Cline) - Disable CONFIG_PROTECTED_VIRTUALIZATION_GUEST for zfcpdump (Jeremy Cline) Resolves: rhbz# Signed-off-by: Jeremy Cline <>