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* Wed Jul 14 2021 Justin M. Forbes <> [5.13.2-0] - platform/x86: amd-pmc: Use return code on suspend (Mario Limonciello) - ACPI: PM: Only mark EC GPE for wakeup on Intel systems (Mario Limonciello) - platform/x86: amd-pmc: Add new acpi id for future PMC controllers (Shyam Sundar S K) - platform/x86: amd-pmc: Add support for ACPI ID AMDI0006 (Shyam Sundar S K) - amd-pmc: Add support for logging s0ix counters (Shyam Sundar S K) - platform/x86: amd-pmc: Add support for logging SMU metrics (Shyam Sundar S K) - platform/x86: amd-pmc: call dump registers only once (Shyam Sundar S K) - platform/x86: amd-pmc: Fix SMU firmware reporting mechanism (Shyam Sundar S K) - platform/x86: amd-pmc: Fix command completion code (Shyam Sundar S K) - ACPI: PM: Adjust behavior for field problems on AMD systems (Mario Limonciello) - ACPI: PM: s2idle: Add support for new Microsoft UUID (Pratik Vishwakarma) - ACPI: PM: s2idle: Add support for multiple func mask (Pratik Vishwakarma) - ACPI: PM: s2idle: Refactor common code (Pratik Vishwakarma) - ACPI: PM: s2idle: Use correct revision id (Pratik Vishwakarma) - ACPI: PM: s2idle: Add missing LPS0 functions for AMD (Alex Deucher) - ACPI: Add quirks for AMD Renoir/Lucienne CPUs to force the D3 hint (Mario Limonciello) - ACPI: Check StorageD3Enable _DSD property in ACPI code (Mario Limonciello) - nvme-pci: look for StorageD3Enable on companion ACPI device instead (Mario Limonciello) - ACPI: processor idle: Fix up C-state latency if not ordered (Mario Limonciello) - Revert "drm/rockchip: remove existing generic drivers to take over the device" (Justin M. Forbes) - all: unify and cleanup i2c TPM2 modules (Peter Robinson) - tpm_tis_spi: add missing SPI device ID entries (Javier Martinez Canillas) - drm/rockchip: remove existing generic drivers to take over the device (Javier Martinez Canillas) - arm64: dts: rockchip: disable USB type-c DisplayPort (Jian-Hong Pan) Resolves: rhbz# Signed-off-by: Justin M. Forbes <>
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SHA512 (patch-5.10.6.xz) = 54e74994a27b6a753717c778e5a550fd5db0f4acd24095f9b6e6d7cbb5c914be2f914d34865c9453d85a37873f0575fc5af54374ea1fe6e6d313d978e739d58f
-SHA512 (linux-5.13.1.tar.xz) = 362d0651ad3de313fb7495b01056c49e5e29d7206e2ebb581d2ad71d736db4e2f5c0b3d50c41af0509df7af92446764a91999a8c8be4987437d415244c8568b5
-SHA512 (kernel-abi-whitelists-5.13.1-300.tar.bz2) = a051d52c7ebef7e0835a18e457358f94aca59246c1edc7882f99bd4f8ca9c4ca5c30d4349294118c7da45c6fc245d616990202007f322ecd22ee216dbafdc80e
-SHA512 (kernel-kabi-dw-5.13.1-300.tar.bz2) = ef817adfa46a2e6587ef07e207aceb8026d2fc442916e5c2ddb8b3b56acdb35c693e3cfe95f88c5d78ae234d3ad9c702c6f2775c2658f59840832f21018e4dd8
+SHA512 (linux-5.13.2.tar.xz) = 48abf1f4a1f92c36931046111deb3689f651c15b59c2b398561b2aa44d61288e70b61173f7e4abf122d6890c631e0d4459a4880e1711c36e39b335d68b1a4cb0
+SHA512 (kernel-abi-whitelists-5.13.2-300.tar.bz2) = f528c4359e7ef27f9f9275a2643c411024e42be6973b3b9a0c2e66e7d08417f50213fcdd65e3f66207792f8d15bfdf5696771980c34f469ce0ee8a6c6ed18228
+SHA512 (kernel-kabi-dw-5.13.2-300.tar.bz2) = 6c065c0a0ab30f76fedeef16f89ee83945f4a9b31767048d4f8f7198466cde96e1a4b524f6105d749f9080821792d4070bec110a00224a10dd2ee96a11f02809