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* Tue Nov 02 2021 Fedora Kernel Team <> [5.16-0.rc0.20211102gitbfc484fe6abb.1] - Enable binder for fedora (Justin M. Forbes) - Reset RHEL_RELEASE for 5.16 (Justin M. Forbes) - redhat: configs: Update configs for vmware (Kamal Heib) - Fedora configs for 5.15 (Justin M. Forbes) - redhat/kernel.spec.template: don't hardcode gcov arches (Jan Stancek) - redhat/configs: create a separate config for gcov options (Jan Stancek) - Update documentation with FAQ and update frequency (Don Zickus) - Document force pull option for mirroring (Don Zickus) - Ignore the rhel9 kabi files (Don Zickus) - Remove legacy elrdy cruft (Don Zickus) - redhat/configs/evaluate_configs: walk cfgvariants line by line (Jan Stancek) - redhat/configs/evaluate_configs: insert EMPTY tags at correct place (Jan Stancek) - redhat: make dist-srpm-gcov add to BUILDOPTS (Jan Stancek) - Build CONFIG_SPI_PXA2XX as a module on x86 (Justin M. Forbes) - redhat/configs: enable CONFIG_BCMGENET as module (Joel Savitz) - Fedora config updates (Justin M. Forbes) - Enable CONFIG_FAIL_SUNRPC for debug builds (Justin M. Forbes) - fedora: Disable fbdev drivers and use simpledrm instead (Javier Martinez Canillas) - spec: Don't fail spec build if ksamples fails (Jiri Olsa) - Enable CONFIG_QCOM_SCM for arm (Justin M. Forbes) - redhat: Disable clang's integrated assembler on ppc64le and s390x (Tom Stellard) - redhat/configs: enable CONFIG_IMA_WRITE_POLICY (Bruno Meneguele) - Fix dist-srpm-gcov (Don Zickus) - redhat: configs: add CONFIG_NTB and related items (John W. Linville) - Add kfence_test to mod-internal.list (Justin M. Forbes) - Enable KUNIT tests for redhat kernel-modules-internal (Nico Pache) - redhat: add *-matched meta packages to rpminspect emptyrpm config (Herton R. Krzesinski) - Use common config for NODES_SHIFT (Mark Salter) - redhat: fix typo and make the output more silent for dist-git sync (Herton R. Krzesinski) - Fedora NTFS config updates (Justin M. Forbes) - Fedora 5.15 configs part 1 (Justin M. Forbes) - Fix ordering in genspec args (Justin M. Forbes) - redhat/configs: Enable Hyper-V guests on ARM64 (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [2007430] - redhat: configs: Enable CONFIG_THINKPAD_LMI (Hans de Goede) - redhat/docs: update Koji link to avoid redirect (Joel Savitz) - redhat: add support for different profiles with dist*-brew (Herton R. Krzesinski) - redhat: configs: Disable xtables and ipset (Phil Sutter) [1945179] - redhat: Add mark_driver_deprecated() (Phil Sutter) [1945179] - Change s390x CONFIG_NODES_SHIFT from 4 to 1 (Justin M. Forbes) - Build CRYPTO_SHA3_*_S390 inline for s390 zfcpdump (Justin M. Forbes) - redhat: move the DIST variable setting to Makefile.variables (Herton R. Krzesinski) - redhat/kernel.spec.template: Cleanup source numbering (Prarit Bhargava) - redhat/kernel.spec.template: Reorganize RHEL and Fedora specific files (Prarit Bhargava) - redhat/kernel.spec.template: Add include_fedora and include_rhel variables (Prarit Bhargava) - redhat/Makefile: Make kernel-local global (Prarit Bhargava) - redhat/Makefile: Use flavors file (Prarit Bhargava) - Turn on CONFIG_CPU_FREQ_GOV_SCHEDUTIL for x86 (Justin M. Forbes) - redhat/configs: Remove CONFIG_INFINIBAND_I40IW (Kamal Heib) - cleanup CONFIG_X86_PLATFORM_DRIVERS_INTEL (David Arcari) - redhat: rename usage of to (Herton R. Krzesinski) - Manually add pending items that need to be set due to mismatch (Justin M. Forbes) - Clean up pending common (Justin M. Forbes) - redhat/configs: Enable CONFIG_BLK_CGROUP_IOLATENCY & CONFIG_BLK_CGROUP_FC_APPID (Waiman Long) [2006813] - redhat: remove kernel.changelog-8.99 file (Herton R. Krzesinski) - redhat/configs: enable CONFIG_SQUASHFS_ZSTD which is already enabled in Fedora 34 (Tao Liu) [1998953] - redhat: bump RHEL_MAJOR and add the changelog file for it (Herton R. Krzesinski) - redhat: add documentation about the os-build rebase process (Herton R. Krzesinski) - redhat/configs: enable SYSTEM_BLACKLIST_KEYRING which is already enabled in rhel8 and Fedora 34 (Coiby Xu) - Build kernel-doc for Fedora (Justin M. Forbes) - x86_64: Enable Elkhart Lake Quadrature Encoder Peripheral support (Prarit Bhargava) - Update CONFIG_WERROR to disabled as it can cause issue with out of tree modules. (Justin M. Forbes) - Fixup IOMMU configs in pending so that configs are sane again (Justin M. Forbes) - Some initial Fedora config items for 5.15 (Justin M. Forbes) - arm64: use common CONFIG_MAX_ZONEORDER for arm kernel (Mark Salter) - Create Makefile.variables for a single point of configuration change (Justin M. Forbes) - rpmspec: drop traceevent files instead of just excluding them from files list (Herton R. Krzesinski) [1967640] - redhat/config: Enablement of CONFIG_PAPR_SCM for PowerPC (Gustavo Walbon) [1962936] - Attempt to fix Intel PMT code (David Arcari) - CI: Enable realtime branch testing (Veronika Kabatova) - CI: Enable realtime checks for c9s and RHEL9 (Veronika Kabatova) - [fs] dax: mark tech preview (Bill O'Donnell) - ark: wireless: enable all rtw88 pcie wirless variants (Peter Robinson) - wireless: rtw88: move debug options to common/debug (Peter Robinson) - fedora: minor PTP clock driver cleanups (Peter Robinson) - common: x86: enable VMware PTP support on ark (Peter Robinson) - arm64: dts: rockchip: Disable CDN DP on Pinebook Pro (Matthias Brugger) - arm64: dts: rockchip: Setup USB typec port as datarole on (Dan Johansen) - [scsi] megaraid_sas: re-add certain pci-ids (Tomas Henzl) - Disable liquidio driver on ark/rhel (Herton R. Krzesinski) [1993393] - More Fedora config updates (Justin M. Forbes) - Fedora config updates for 5.14 (Justin M. Forbes) - CI: Rename ARK CI pipeline type (Veronika Kabatova) - CI: Finish up c9s config (Veronika Kabatova) - CI: Update ppc64le config (Veronika Kabatova) - CI: use more templates (Veronika Kabatova) - Filter updates for aarch64 (Justin M. Forbes) - increase CONFIG_NODES_SHIFT for aarch64 (Chris von Recklinghausen) [1890304] - redhat: configs: Enable CONFIG_WIRELESS_HOTKEY (Hans de Goede) - redhat/configs: Update CONFIG_NVRAM (Desnes A. Nunes do Rosario) [1988254] - common: serial: build in SERIAL_8250_LPSS for x86 (Peter Robinson) - powerpc: enable CONFIG_FUNCTION_PROFILER (Diego Domingos) [1831065] - crypto: rng - Override drivers/char/random in FIPS mode (Herbert Xu) - random: Add hook to override device reads and getrandom(2) (Herbert Xu) - redhat/configs: Disable Soft-RoCE driver (Kamal Heib) - redhat/configs/evaluate_configs: Update help output (Prarit Bhargava) - redhat/configs: Double MAX_LOCKDEP_CHAINS (Justin M. Forbes) - fedora: configs: Fix WM5102 Kconfig (Hans de Goede) - powerpc: enable CONFIG_POWER9_CPU (Diego Domingos) [1876436] - redhat/configs: Fix CONFIG_VIRTIO_IOMMU to 'y' on aarch64 (Eric Auger) [1972795] - add more sound modules to filter (Jaroslav Kysela) - redhat/configs: sound configuration cleanups and updates (Jaroslav Kysela) - common: Update for CXL (Compute Express Link) configs (Peter Robinson) - redhat: configs: disable CRYPTO_SM modules (Herton R. Krzesinski) [1990040] - Remove fedora version of the LOCKDEP_BITS, we should use common (Justin M. Forbes) - Re-enable sermouse for x86 (rhbz 1974002) (Justin M. Forbes) - Fedora 5.14 configs round 1 (Justin M. Forbes) - redhat: add gating configuration for centos stream/rhel9 (Herton R. Krzesinski) - x86: configs: Enable CONFIG_TEST_FPU for debug kernels (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [1988384] - redhat/configs: Move CHACHA and POLY1305 to core kernel to allow BIG_KEYS=y (root) [1983298] - kernel.spec: fix build of samples/bpf (Jiri Benc) - Enable OSNOISE_TRACER and TIMERLAT_TRACER (Jerome Marchand) [1979379] - rpmspec: switch iio and gpio tools to use tools_make (Herton R. Krzesinski) [1956988] - configs/ Handle config items with no help text (Patrick Talbert) - fedora: sound config updates for 5.14 (Peter Robinson) - fedora: Only enable FSI drivers on POWER platform (Peter Robinson) - The CONFIG_RAW_DRIVER has been removed from upstream (Peter Robinson) - fedora: updates for 5.14 with a few disables for common from pending (Peter Robinson) - fedora: migrate from MFD_TPS68470 -> INTEL_SKL_INT3472 (Peter Robinson) - fedora: Remove STAGING_GASKET_FRAMEWORK (Peter Robinson) - Fedora: move DRM_VMWGFX configs from ark -> common (Peter Robinson) - fedora: arm: disabled unused FB drivers (Peter Robinson) - fedora: don't enable FB_VIRTUAL (Peter Robinson) - redhat/configs: Double MAX_LOCKDEP_ENTRIES (Waiman Long) [1940075] - rpmspec: fix verbose output on kernel-devel installation (Herton R. Krzesinski) [1981406] - Build Fedora x86s kernels with bytcr-wm5102 (Marius Hoch) - Deleted redhat/configs/fedora/generic/x86/CONFIG_FB_HYPERV (Patrick Lang) - rpmspec: correct the ghost initramfs attributes (Herton R. Krzesinski) [1977056] - rpmspec: amend removal of depmod created files to include modules.builtin.alias.bin (Herton R. Krzesinski) [1977056] - configs: remove duplicate CONFIG_DRM_HYPERV file (Patrick Talbert) - CI: use common code for merge and release (Don Zickus) - rpmspec: add release string to kernel doc directory name (Jan Stancek) - redhat/configs: Add CONFIG_INTEL_PMT_CRASHLOG (Michael Petlan) [1880486] - redhat/configs: Add CONFIG_INTEL_PMT_TELEMETRY (Michael Petlan) [1880486] - redhat/configs: Add CONFIG_MFD_INTEL_PMT (Michael Petlan) [1880486] - redhat/configs: enable CONFIG_BLK_DEV_ZONED (Ming Lei) [1638087] - Add --with clang_lto option to build the kernel with Link Time Optimizations (Tom Stellard) - common: disable DVB_AV7110 and associated pieces (Peter Robinson) - Fix fedora-only config updates (Don Zickus) - Fedor config update for new option (Justin M. Forbes) - redhat/configs: Enable stmmac NIC for x86_64 (Mark Salter) - all: hyperv: use the DRM driver rather than FB (Peter Robinson) - all: hyperv: unify the Microsoft HyperV configs (Peter Robinson) - all: VMWare: clean up VMWare configs (Peter Robinson) - Update CONFIG_ARM_FFA_TRANSPORT (Patrick Talbert) - CI: Handle all mirrors (Veronika Kabatova) - Turn on CONFIG_STACKTRACE for s390x zfpcdump kernels (Justin M. Forbes) - arm64: switch ark kernel to 4K pagesize (Mark Salter) - Disable AMIGA_PARTITION and KARMA_PARTITION (Prarit Bhargava) [1802694] - all: unify and cleanup i2c TPM2 modules (Peter Robinson) - redhat/configs: Set CONFIG_VIRTIO_IOMMU on aarch64 (Eric Auger) [1972795] - redhat/configs: Disable CONFIG_RT_GROUP_SCHED in rhel config (Phil Auld) - redhat/configs: enable KEXEC_SIG which is already enabled in RHEL8 for s390x and x86_64 (Coiby Xu) [1976835] - rpmspec: do not BuildRequires bpftool on noarch (Herton R. Krzesinski) - redhat/configs: disable {IMA,EVM}_LOAD_X509 (Bruno Meneguele) [1977529] - redhat: add secureboot CA certificate to trusted kernel keyring (Bruno Meneguele) - redhat/configs: enable IMA_ARCH_POLICY for aarch64 and s390x (Bruno Meneguele) - redhat/configs: Enable CONFIG_MLXBF_GIGE on aarch64 (Alaa Hleihel) [1858599] - common: enable STRICT_MODULE_RWX everywhere (Peter Robinson) - COMMON_CLK_STM32MP157_SCMI is bool and selects COMMON_CLK_SCMI (Justin M. Forbes) - kernel.spec: Add kernel{,-debug}-devel-matched meta packages (Timothée Ravier) - Turn off with_selftests for Fedora (Justin M. Forbes) - Don't build bpftool on Fedora (Justin M. Forbes) - Fix location of syscall scripts for kernel-devel (Justin M. Forbes) - fedora: arm: Enable some i.MX8 options (Peter Robinson) - Enable Landlock for Fedora (Justin M. Forbes) - Filter update for Fedora aarch64 (Justin M. Forbes) - rpmspec: only build debug meta packages where we build debug ones (Herton R. Krzesinski) - rpmspec: do not BuildRequires bpftool on nobuildarches (Herton R. Krzesinski) - redhat/configs: Consolidate CONFIG_HMC_DRV in the common s390x folder (Thomas Huth) [1976270] - redhat/configs: Consolidate CONFIG_EXPOLINE_OFF in the common folder (Thomas Huth) [1976270] - redhat/configs: Move CONFIG_HW_RANDOM_S390 into the s390x/ subfolder (Thomas Huth) [1976270] - redhat/configs: Disable CONFIG_HOTPLUG_PCI_SHPC in the Fedora settings (Thomas Huth) [1976270] - redhat/configs: Remove the non-existent CONFIG_NO_BOOTMEM switch (Thomas Huth) [1976270] - redhat/configs: Compile the virtio-console as a module on s390x (Thomas Huth) [1976270] - redhat/configs: Enable CONFIG_S390_CCW_IOMMU and CONFIG_VFIO_CCW for ARK, too (Thomas Huth) [1976270] - Revert "Merge branch 'ec_fips' into 'os-build'" (Vladis Dronov) [1947240] - Fix typos in fedora filters (Justin M. Forbes) - More filtering for Fedora (Justin M. Forbes) - Fix Fedora module filtering for spi-altera-dfl (Justin M. Forbes) - Fedora 5.13 config updates (Justin M. Forbes) - fedora: cleanup TCG_TIS_I2C_CR50 (Peter Robinson) - fedora: drop duplicate configs (Peter Robinson) - More Fedora config updates for 5.13 (Justin M. Forbes) - redhat/configs: Enable needed drivers for BlueField SoC on aarch64 (Alaa Hleihel) [1858592 1858594 1858596] - redhat: Rename to (Prarit Bhargava) - redhat/configs: enable CONFIG_NET_ACT_MPLS (Marcelo Ricardo Leitner) - configs: Enable CONFIG_DEBUG_KERNEL for zfcpdump (Jiri Olsa) - kernel.spec: Add support to use vmlinux.h (Don Zickus) - spec: Add vmlinux.h to kernel-devel package (Jiri Olsa) - Turn off DRM_XEN_FRONTEND for Fedora as we had DRM_XEN off already (Justin M. Forbes) - Fedora 5.13 config updates pt 3 (Justin M. Forbes) - all: enable ath11k wireless modules (Peter Robinson) - all: Enable WWAN and associated MHI bus pieces (Peter Robinson) - spec: Enable sefltests rpm build (Jiri Olsa) - spec: Allow bpf selftest/samples to fail (Jiri Olsa) - kvm: Add kvm_stat.service file and kvm_stat logrotate config to the tools (Jiri Benc) - kernel.spec: Add missing source files to kernel-selftests-internal (Jiri Benc) - kernel.spec: selftests: add net/forwarding to TARGETS list (Jiri Benc) - kernel.spec: selftests: add build requirement on libmnl-devel (Jiri Benc) - kernel.spec: add action.o to kernel-selftests-internal (Jiri Benc) - kernel.spec: avoid building bpftool repeatedly (Jiri Benc) - kernel.spec: selftests require python3 (Jiri Benc) - kernel.spec: skip selftests that failed to build (Jiri Benc) - kernel.spec: fix installation of bpf selftests (Jiri Benc) - redhat: fix samples and selftests make options (Jiri Benc) - kernel.spec: enable mptcp selftests for kernel-selftests-internal (Jiri Benc) - kernel.spec: Do not export shared objects from libexecdir to RPM Provides (Jiri Benc) - kernel.spec: add missing dependency for the which package (Jiri Benc) - kernel.spec: add netfilter selftests to kernel-selftests-internal (Jiri Benc) - kernel.spec: move slabinfo and page_owner_sort debuginfo to tools-debuginfo (Jiri Benc) - kernel.spec: package and ship VM tools (Jiri Benc) - configs: enable CONFIG_PAGE_OWNER (Jiri Benc) - kernel.spec: add coreutils (Jiri Benc) - kernel.spec: add netdevsim driver selftests to kernel-selftests-internal (Jiri Benc) - redhat/Makefile: Clean out the --without flags from the baseonly rule (Jiri Benc) - kernel.spec: Stop building unnecessary rpms for baseonly builds (Jiri Benc) - kernel.spec: disable more kabi switches for gcov build (Jiri Benc) - kernel.spec: Rename kabi-dw base (Jiri Benc) - kernel.spec: Fix error messages during build of zfcpdump kernel (Jiri Benc) - kernel.spec: perf: remove bpf examples (Jiri Benc) - kernel.spec: selftests should not depend on modules-internal (Jiri Benc) - kernel.spec: build samples (Jiri Benc) - kernel.spec: tools: sync missing options with RHEL 8 (Jiri Benc) - redhat/configs: nftables: Enable extra flowtable symbols (Phil Sutter) - redhat/configs: Sync netfilter options with RHEL8 (Phil Sutter) - Fedora 5.13 config updates pt 2 (Justin M. Forbes) - Move CONFIG_ARCH_INTEL_SOCFPGA up a level for Fedora (Justin M. Forbes) - fedora: enable the Rockchip rk3399 pcie drivers (Peter Robinson) - Fedora 5.13 config updates pt 1 (Justin M. Forbes) - Fix version requirement from opencsd-devel buildreq (Justin M. Forbes) - configs/ark/s390: set CONFIG_MARCH_Z14 and CONFIG_TUNE_Z15 (Philipp Rudo) [1876435] - configs/common/s390: Clean up CONFIG_{MARCH,TUNE}_Z* (Philipp Rudo) - configs/ make use of dummy-tools (Philipp Rudo) - configs/common: disable CONFIG_INIT_STACK_ALL_{PATTERN,ZERO} (Philipp Rudo) - configs/common/aarch64: disable CONFIG_RELR (Philipp Rudo) - redhat/config: enable STMICRO nic for RHEL (Mark Salter) - redhat/configs: Enable ARCH_TEGRA on RHEL (Mark Salter) - redhat/configs: enable IMA_KEXEC for supported arches (Bruno Meneguele) - redhat/configs: enable INTEGRITY_SIGNATURE to all arches (Bruno Meneguele) - configs: enable CONFIG_LEDS_BRIGHTNESS_HW_CHANGED (Benjamin Tissoires) - RHEL: disable io_uring support (Jeff Moyer) - all: Changing CONFIG_UV_SYSFS to build uv_sysfs.ko as a loadable module. (Frank Ramsay) - Enable NITRO_ENCLAVES on RHEL (Vitaly Kuznetsov) - Update the Quick Start documentation (David Ward) - redhat/configs: Set PVPANIC_MMIO for x86 and PVPANIC_PCI for aarch64 (Eric Auger) [1961178] - bpf: Fix unprivileged_bpf_disabled setup (Jiri Olsa) - Enable CONFIG_BPF_UNPRIV_DEFAULT_OFF (Jiri Olsa) - configs/common/s390: disable CONFIG_QETH_{OSN,OSX} (Philipp Rudo) [1903201] - nvme: nvme_mpath_init remove multipath check (Mike Snitzer) - team: mark team driver as deprecated (Hangbin Liu) [1945477] - Make CRYPTO_EC also builtin (Simo Sorce) [1947240] - Do not hard-code a default value for DIST (David Ward) - Override %%{debugbuildsenabled} if the --with-release option is used (David Ward) - Improve comments in SPEC file, and move some option tests and macros (David Ward) - configs: enable CONFIG_EXFAT_FS (Pavel Reichl) [1943423] - Revert s390x/zfcpdump part of a9d179c40281 and ecbfddd98621 (Vladis Dronov) - Embed crypto algos, modes and templates needed in the FIPS mode (Vladis Dronov) [1947240] - configs: Add and enable CONFIG_HYPERV_TESTING for debug kernels (Mohammed Gamal) - mm/cma: mark CMA on x86_64 tech preview and print RHEL-specific infos (David Hildenbrand) [1945002] - configs: enable CONFIG_CMA on x86_64 in ARK (David Hildenbrand) [1945002] - rpmspec: build debug-* meta-packages if debug builds are disabled (Herton R. Krzesinski) - UIO: disable unused config options (Aristeu Rozanski) [1957819] - ARK-config: Make amd_pinctrl module builtin (Hans de Goede) - rpmspec: revert/drop content hash for kernel-headers (Herton R. Krzesinski) - rpmspec: fix check that calls InitBuildVars (Herton R. Krzesinski) - fedora: enable zonefs (Damien Le Moal) - redhat: load specific ARCH keys to INTEGRITY_PLATFORM_KEYRING (Bruno Meneguele) - redhat: enable INTEGRITY_TRUSTED_KEYRING across all variants (Bruno Meneguele) - redhat: enable SYSTEM_BLACKLIST_KEYRING across all variants (Bruno Meneguele) - redhat: enable INTEGRITY_ASYMMETRIC_KEYS across all variants (Bruno Meneguele) - Remove unused boot loader specification files (David Ward) - redhat/configs: Enable mlx5 IPsec and TLS offloads (Alaa Hleihel) [1869674 1957636] - Force DWARF4 because crash does not support DWARF5 yet (Justin M. Forbes) - common: disable Apple Silicon generally (Peter Robinson) - cleanup Intel's FPGA configs (Peter Robinson) - common: move PTP KVM support from ark to common (Peter Robinson) - Enable CONFIG_DRM_AMDGPU_USERPTR for everyone (Justin M. Forbes) - redhat: add initial rpminspect configuration (Herton R. Krzesinski) - fedora: arm updates for 5.13 (Peter Robinson) - fedora: Enable WWAN and associated MHI bits (Peter Robinson) - Update CONFIG_MODPROBE_PATH to /usr/sbin (Justin Forbes) - Fedora set modprobe path (Justin M. Forbes) - Keep sctp and l2tp modules in modules-extra (Don Zickus) - Fix ppc64le cross build packaging (Don Zickus) - Fedora: Make amd_pinctrl module builtin (Hans de Goede) - Keep CONFIG_KASAN_HW_TAGS off for aarch64 debug configs (Justin M. Forbes) - New configs in drivers/bus (Fedora Kernel Team) - RHEL: Don't build KVM PR module on ppc64 (David Gibson) [1930649] - Flip CONFIG_USB_ROLE_SWITCH from m to y (Justin M. Forbes) - Set valid options for CONFIG_FW_LOADER_USER_HELPER (Justin M. Forbes) - Clean up CONFIG_FB_MODE_HELPERS (Justin M. Forbes) - Turn off CONFIG_VFIO for the s390x zfcpdump kernel (Justin M. Forbes) - Delete unused CONFIG_SND_SOC_MAX98390 pending-common (Justin M. Forbes) - Update pending-common configs, preparing to set correctly (Justin M. Forbes) - Update fedora filters for surface (Justin M. Forbes) - Build CONFIG_CRYPTO_ECDSA inline for s390x zfcpdump (Justin M. Forbes) - Replace "flavour" where "variant" is meant instead (David Ward) - Drop the %%{variant} macro and fix --with-vanilla (David Ward) - Fix syntax of %%kernel_variant_files (David Ward) - Change description of --without-vdso-install to fix typo (David Ward) - Config updates to work around mismatches (Justin M. Forbes) - CONFIG_SND_SOC_FSL_ASOC_CARD selects CONFIG_MFD_WM8994 now (Justin M. Forbes) - wireguard: disable in FIPS mode (Hangbin Liu) [1940794] - Enable mtdram for fedora (rhbz 1955916) (Justin M. Forbes) - Remove reference to bpf-helpers man page (Justin M. Forbes) - Fedora: enable more modules for surface devices (Dave Olsthoorn) - Fix Fedora config mismatch for CONFIG_FSL_ENETC_IERB (Justin M. Forbes) - hardlink is in /usr/bin/ now (Justin M. Forbes) - Ensure CONFIG_KVM_BOOK3S_64_PR stays on in Fedora, even if it is turned off in RHEL (Justin M. Forbes) - Set date in package release from repository commit, not system clock (David Ward) - Use a better upstream tarball filename for snapshots (David Ward) - Don't create empty pending-common files on pending-fedora commits (Don Zickus) - nvme: decouple basic ANA log page re-read support from native multipathing (Mike Snitzer) - nvme: allow local retry and proper failover for REQ_FAILFAST_TRANSPORT (Mike Snitzer) - nvme: Return BLK_STS_TARGET if the DNR bit is set (Mike Snitzer) - Add redhat/configs/pending-common/generic/s390x/zfcpdump/CONFIG_NETFS_SUPPORT (Justin M. Forbes) - Create ark-latest branch last for CI scripts (Don Zickus) - Replace /usr/libexec/platform-python with /usr/bin/python3 (David Ward) - Turn off ADI_AXI_ADC and AD9467 which now require CONFIG_OF (Justin M. Forbes) - Export ark infrastructure files (Don Zickus) - docs: Update docs to reflect newer workflow. (Don Zickus) - Use upstream/master for merge-base with fallback to master (Don Zickus) - Fedora: Turn off the SND_INTEL_BYT_PREFER_SOF option (Hans de Goede) - clean up "netprots" (Paul Bolle) - clean up "scsidrvs" (Paul Bolle) - filter-*.sh.fedora: clean up "ethdrvs" (Paul Bolle) - filter-*.sh.fedora: clean up "driverdirs" (Paul Bolle) - filter-*.sh.fedora: remove incorrect entries (Paul Bolle) - filter-*.sh.fedora: clean up "singlemods" (Paul Bolle) - drop unused list "iiodrvs" (Paul Bolle) - Update mod-internal to fix depmod issue (Nico Pache) - Turn on CONFIG_VDPA_SIM_NET (rhbz 1942343) (Justin M. Forbes) - New configs in drivers/power (Fedora Kernel Team) - Turn on CONFIG_NOUVEAU_DEBUG_PUSH for debug configs (Justin M. Forbes) - Turn off KFENCE sampling by default for Fedora (Justin M. Forbes) - Fedora config updates round 2 (Justin M. Forbes) - New configs in drivers/soc (Jeremy Cline) - Fix copy/paste error 'input' (Paul Bolle) - Update module filtering for 5.12 kernels (Justin M. Forbes) - Fix to ensure that comments retain "%%" characters. (Mark Mielke) - New configs in drivers/leds (Fedora Kernel Team) - Limit CONFIG_USB_CDNS_SUPPORT to x86_64 and arm in Fedora (David Ward) - Fedora: Enable CHARGER_GPIO on aarch64 too (Peter Robinson) - Fedora config updates (Justin M. Forbes) - wireguard: mark as Tech Preview (Hangbin Liu) [1613522] - configs: enable CONFIG_WIREGUARD in ARK (Hangbin Liu) [1613522] - Remove duplicate configs acroos fedora, ark and common (Don Zickus) - Combine duplicate configs across ark and fedora into common (Don Zickus) - common/ark: cleanup and unify the parport configs (Peter Robinson) - iommu/vt-d: enable INTEL_IDXD_SVM for both fedora and rhel (Jerry Snitselaar) - REDHAT: coresight: etm4x: Disable coresight on HPE Apollo 70 (Jeremy Linton) - configs/common/generic: disable CONFIG_SLAB_MERGE_DEFAULT (Rafael Aquini) - Remove _legacy_common_support (Justin M. Forbes) - redhat/ Fix floppy blacklisting (Hans de Goede) - New configs in fs/pstore (CKI@GitLab) - New configs in arch/powerpc (Fedora Kernel Team) - configs: enable BPF LSM on Fedora and ARK (Ondrej Mosnacek) - configs: clean up LSM configs (Ondrej Mosnacek) - New configs in drivers/platform (CKI@GitLab) - New configs in drivers/firmware (CKI@GitLab) - New configs in drivers/mailbox (Fedora Kernel Team) - New configs in drivers/net/phy (Justin M. Forbes) - Update CONFIG_DM_MULTIPATH_IOA (Augusto Caringi) - New configs in mm/Kconfig (CKI@GitLab) - New configs in arch/powerpc (Jeremy Cline) - New configs in arch/powerpc (Jeremy Cline) - New configs in drivers/input (Fedora Kernel Team) - New configs in net/bluetooth (Justin M. Forbes) - New configs in drivers/clk (Fedora Kernel Team) - New configs in init/Kconfig (Jeremy Cline) - redhat: allow running fedora-configs and rh-configs targets outside of redhat/ (Herton R. Krzesinski) - all: unify the disable of goldfish (android emulation platform) (Peter Robinson) - common: minor cleanup/de-dupe of dma/dmabuf debug configs (Peter Robinson) - common/ark: these drivers/arches were removed in 5.12 (Peter Robinson) - Correct kernel-devel make prepare build for 5.12. (Paulo E. Castro) - redhat: add initial support for centos stream dist-git sync on Makefiles (Herton R. Krzesinski) - redhat/configs: Enable CONFIG_SCHED_STACK_END_CHECK for Fedora and ARK (Josh Poimboeuf) [1856174] - CONFIG_VFIO now selects IOMMU_API instead of depending on it, causing several config mismatches for the zfcpdump kernel (Justin M. Forbes) - Turn off weak-modules for Fedora (Justin M. Forbes) - redhat: enable CONFIG_FW_LOADER_COMPRESS for ARK (Herton R. Krzesinski) [1939095] - Fedora: filters: update to move dfl-emif to modules (Peter Robinson) - drop duplicate DEVFREQ_GOV_SIMPLE_ONDEMAND config (Peter Robinson) - efi: The EFI_VARS is legacy and now x86 only (Peter Robinson) - common: enable RTC_SYSTOHC to supplement update_persistent_clock64 (Peter Robinson) - generic: arm: enable SCMI for all options (Peter Robinson) - fedora: the PCH_CAN driver is x86-32 only (Peter Robinson) - common: disable legacy CAN device support (Peter Robinson) - common: Enable Microchip MCP251x/MCP251xFD CAN controllers (Peter Robinson) - common: Bosch MCAN support for Intel Elkhart Lake (Peter Robinson) - common: enable CAN_PEAK_PCIEFD PCI-E driver (Peter Robinson) - common: disable CAN_PEAK_PCIEC PCAN-ExpressCard (Peter Robinson) - common: enable common CAN layer 2 protocols (Peter Robinson) - ark: disable CAN_LEDS option (Peter Robinson) - Fedora: Turn on SND_SOC_INTEL_SKYLAKE_HDAUDIO_CODEC option (Hans de Goede) - Fedora: enable modules for surface devices (Dave Olsthoorn) - Turn on SND_SOC_INTEL_SOUNDWIRE_SOF_MACH for Fedora again (Justin M. Forbes) - common: fix WM8804 codec dependencies (Peter Robinson) - Build SERIO_SERPORT as a module (Peter Robinson) - input: touchscreen: move ELO and Wacom serial touchscreens to x86 (Peter Robinson) - Sync serio touchscreens for non x86 architectures to the same as ARK (Peter Robinson) - Only enable SERIO_LIBPS2 on x86 (Peter Robinson) - Only enable PC keyboard controller and associated keyboard on x86 (Peter Robinson) - Generic: Mouse: Tweak generic serial mouse options (Peter Robinson) - Only enable PS2 Mouse options on x86 (Peter Robinson) - Disable bluetooth highspeed by default (Peter Robinson) - Fedora: A few more general updates for 5.12 window (Peter Robinson) - Fedora: Updates for 5.12 merge window (Peter Robinson) - Fedora: remove dead options that were removed upstream (Peter Robinson) - redhat: remove CONFIG_DRM_PANEL_XINGBANGDA_XBD599 (Herton R. Krzesinski) - New configs in arch/powerpc (Fedora Kernel Team) - Turn on CONFIG_PPC_QUEUED_SPINLOCKS as it is default upstream now (Justin M. Forbes) - Update pending-common configs to address new upstream config deps (Justin M. Forbes) - rpmspec: ship gpio-watch.debug in the proper debuginfo package (Herton R. Krzesinski) - Removed description text as a comment confuses the config generation (Justin M. Forbes) - New configs in drivers/dma-buf (Jeremy Cline) - Fedora: ARMv7: build for 16 CPUs. (Peter Robinson) - Fedora: only enable DEBUG_HIGHMEM on debug kernels (Peter Robinson) - fix find/xargs data flow (Ondrej Mosnacek) - Fedora config update (Justin M. Forbes) - fedora: minor arm sound config updates (Peter Robinson) - Fix trailing white space in redhat/configs/fedora/generic/CONFIG_SND_INTEL_BYT_PREFER_SOF (Justin M. Forbes) - Add a redhat/rebase-notes.txt file (Hans de Goede) - Turn on SND_INTEL_BYT_PREFER_SOF for Fedora (Hans de Goede) - CI: Drop MR ID from the name variable (Veronika Kabatova) - redhat: add DUP and kpatch certificates to system trusted keys for RHEL build (Herton R. Krzesinski) - The comments in CONFIG_USB_RTL8153_ECM actually turn off CONFIG_USB_RTL8152 (Justin M. Forbes) - Update CKI pipeline project (Veronika Kabatova) - Turn off additional KASAN options for Fedora (Justin M. Forbes) - Rename the master branch to rawhide for Fedora (Justin M. Forbes) - Makefile targets for packit integration (Ben Crocker) - Turn off KASAN for rawhide debug builds (Justin M. Forbes) - New configs in arch/arm64 (Justin Forbes) - Remove deprecated Intel MIC config options (Peter Robinson) - redhat: replace inline awk script with call (Herton R. Krzesinski) - redhat: add script (Herton R. Krzesinski) - kernel.spec.template - fix use_vdso usage (Ben Crocker) - redhat: remove remaining references of CONFIG_RH_DISABLE_DEPRECATED (Herton R. Krzesinski) - Turn off vdso_install for ppc (Justin M. Forbes) - Remove bpf-helpers.7 from bpftool package (Jiri Olsa) - New configs in lib/Kconfig.debug (Fedora Kernel Team) - Turn off CONFIG_VIRTIO_CONSOLE for s390x zfcpdump (Justin M. Forbes) - New configs in drivers/clk (Justin M. Forbes) - Keep VIRTIO_CONSOLE on s390x available. (Jakub Čajka) - New configs in lib/Kconfig.debug (Jeremy Cline) - Fedora 5.11 config updates part 4 (Justin M. Forbes) - Fedora 5.11 config updates part 3 (Justin M. Forbes) - Fedora 5.11 config updates part 2 (Justin M. Forbes) - Update internal (test) module list from RHEL-8 (Joe Lawrence) [1915073] - Fix USB_XHCI_PCI regression (Justin M. Forbes) - fedora: fixes for ARMv7 build issue by disabling HIGHPTE (Peter Robinson) - all: s390x: Increase CONFIG_PCI_NR_FUNCTIONS to 512 (#1888735) (Dan Horák) - Fedora 5.11 configs pt 1 (Justin M. Forbes) - redhat: avoid conflict with and released_kernel defined (Herton R. Krzesinski) - redhat: handle certificate files conditionally as done for src.rpm (Herton R. Krzesinski) - specfile: add %%{?_smp_mflags} to "make headers_install" in tools/testing/selftests (Denys Vlasenko) - specfile: add %%{?_smp_mflags} to "make samples/bpf/" (Denys Vlasenko) - Run MR testing in CKI pipeline (Veronika Kabatova) - Reword comment (Nicolas Chauvet) - Add with_cross_arm conditional (Nicolas Chauvet) - Redefines __strip if with_cross (Nicolas Chauvet) - fedora: only enable ACPI_CONFIGFS, ACPI_CUSTOM_METHOD in debug kernels (Peter Robinson) - fedora: User the same EFI_CUSTOM_SSDT_OVERLAYS as ARK (Peter Robinson) - all: all arches/kernels enable the same DMI options (Peter Robinson) - all: move SENSORS_ACPI_POWER to common/generic (Peter Robinson) - fedora: PCIE_HISI_ERR is already in common (Peter Robinson) - all: all ACPI platforms enable ATA_ACPI so move it to common (Peter Robinson) - all: x86: move shared x86 acpi config options to generic (Peter Robinson) - All: x86: Move ACPI_VIDEO to common/x86 (Peter Robinson) - All: x86: Enable ACPI_DPTF (Intel DPTF) (Peter Robinson) - All: enable ACPI_BGRT for all ACPI platforms. (Peter Robinson) - All: Only build ACPI_EC_DEBUGFS for debug kernels (Peter Robinson) - All: Disable Intel Classmate PC ACPI_CMPC option (Peter Robinson) - cleanup: ACPI_PROCFS_POWER was removed upstream (Peter Robinson) - All: ACPI: De-dupe the ACPI options that are the same across ark/fedora on x86/arm (Peter Robinson) - Enable the vkms module in Fedora (Jeremy Cline) - Fedora: arm updates for 5.11 and general cross Fedora cleanups (Peter Robinson) - Add gcc-c++ to BuildRequires (Justin M. Forbes) - Update CONFIG_KASAN_HW_TAGS (Justin M. Forbes) - fedora: arm: move generic power off/reset to all arm (Peter Robinson) - fedora: ARMv7: build in DEVFREQ_GOV_SIMPLE_ONDEMAND until I work out why it's changed (Peter Robinson) - fedora: cleanup joystick_adc (Peter Robinson) - fedora: update some display options (Peter Robinson) - fedora: arm: enable TI PRU options (Peter Robinson) - fedora: arm: minor exynos plaform updates (Peter Robinson) - arm: SoC: disable Toshiba Visconti SoC (Peter Robinson) - common: disable ARCH_BCM4908 (NFC) (Peter Robinson) - fedora: minor arm config updates (Peter Robinson) - fedora: enable Tegra 234 SoC (Peter Robinson) - fedora: arm: enable new Hikey 3xx options (Peter Robinson) - Fedora: USB updates (Peter Robinson) - fedora: enable the GNSS receiver subsystem (Peter Robinson) - Remove POWER_AVS as no longer upstream (Peter Robinson) - Cleanup RESET_RASPBERRYPI (Peter Robinson) - Cleanup GPIO_CDEV_V1 options. (Peter Robinson) - fedora: arm crypto updates (Peter Robinson) - CONFIG_KASAN_HW_TAGS for aarch64 (Justin M. Forbes) - Fedora: cleanup PCMCIA configs, move to x86 (Peter Robinson) - New configs in drivers/rtc (Fedora Kernel Team) - redhat/configs: Enable CONFIG_GCC_PLUGIN_STRUCTLEAK_BYREF_ALL (Josh Poimboeuf) [1856176] - redhat/configs: Enable CONFIG_GCC_PLUGIN_STRUCTLEAK (Josh Poimboeuf) [1856176] - redhat/configs: Enable CONFIG_GCC_PLUGINS on ARK (Josh Poimboeuf) [1856176] - redhat/configs: Enable CONFIG_KASAN on Fedora (Josh Poimboeuf) [1856176] - New configs in init/Kconfig (Fedora Kernel Team) - Fix syntax flagged by shellcheck (Ben Crocker) - Fix syntax flagged by shellcheck (Ben Crocker) - Fix syntax flagged by shellcheck (Ben Crocker) - Enable Speakup accessibility driver (Justin M. Forbes) - New configs in init/Kconfig (Fedora Kernel Team) - Fix fedora config mismatch due to dep changes (Justin M. Forbes) - New configs in drivers/crypto (Jeremy Cline) - Remove duplicate ENERGY_MODEL configs (Peter Robinson) - This is selected by PCIE_QCOM so must match (Justin M. Forbes) - drop unused BACKLIGHT_GENERIC (Peter Robinson) - Remove cp instruction already handled in instruction below. (Paulo E. Castro) - Add all the dependencies gleaned from running `make prepare` on a bloated devel kernel. (Paulo E. Castro) - Add tools to path mangling script. (Paulo E. Castro) - Remove duplicate cp statement which is also not specific to x86. (Paulo E. Castro) - Correct orc_types failure whilst running `make prepare` (Paulo E. Castro) - redhat: ark: enable CONFIG_IKHEADERS (Jiri Olsa) - Add missing '$' sign to (GIT) in redhat/Makefile (Augusto Caringi) - Remove filterdiff and use native git instead (Don Zickus) - New configs in net/sched (Justin M. Forbes) - New configs in drivers/mfd (CKI@GitLab) - New configs in drivers/mfd (Fedora Kernel Team) - New configs in drivers/firmware (Fedora Kernel Team) - Temporarily backout parallel xz script (Justin M. Forbes) - redhat: explicitly disable CONFIG_IMA_APPRAISE_SIGNED_INIT (Bruno Meneguele) - redhat: enable CONFIG_EVM_LOAD_X509 on ARK (Bruno Meneguele) - redhat: enable CONFIG_EVM_ATTR_FSUUID on ARK (Bruno Meneguele) - redhat: enable CONFIG_EVM in all arches and flavors (Bruno Meneguele) - redhat: enable CONFIG_IMA_LOAD_X509 on ARK (Bruno Meneguele) - redhat: set CONFIG_IMA_DEFAULT_HASH to SHA256 (Bruno Meneguele) - redhat: enable CONFIG_IMA_SECURE_AND_OR_TRUSTED_BOOT (Bruno Meneguele) - redhat: enable CONFIG_IMA_READ_POLICY on ARK (Bruno Meneguele) - redhat: set default IMA template for all ARK arches (Bruno Meneguele) - redhat: enable CONFIG_IMA_DEFAULT_HASH_SHA256 for all flavors (Bruno Meneguele) - redhat: disable CONFIG_IMA_DEFAULT_HASH_SHA1 (Bruno Meneguele) - redhat: enable CONFIG_IMA_ARCH_POLICY for ppc and x86 (Bruno Meneguele) - redhat: enable CONFIG_IMA_APPRAISE_MODSIG (Bruno Meneguele) - redhat: enable CONFIG_IMA_APPRAISE_BOOTPARAM (Bruno Meneguele) - redhat: enable CONFIG_IMA_APPRAISE (Bruno Meneguele) - redhat: enable CONFIG_INTEGRITY for aarch64 (Bruno Meneguele) - kernel: Update some missing KASAN/KCSAN options (Jeremy Linton) - kernel: Enable coresight on aarch64 (Jeremy Linton) - Update CONFIG_INET6_ESPINTCP (Justin Forbes) - New configs in net/ipv6 (Justin M. Forbes) - fedora: move CONFIG_RTC_NVMEM options from ark to common (Peter Robinson) - configs: Enable CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO_BTF (Don Zickus) - fedora: some minor arm audio config tweaks (Peter Robinson) - Ship xpad with default modules on Fedora and RHEL (Bastien Nocera) - Fedora: Only enable legacy serial/game port joysticks on x86 (Peter Robinson) - Fedora: Enable the options required for the Librem 5 Phone (Peter Robinson) - Fedora config update (Justin M. Forbes) - Fedora config change because CONFIG_FSL_DPAA2_ETH now selects CONFIG_FSL_XGMAC_MDIO (Justin M. Forbes) - redhat: generic enable CONFIG_INET_MPTCP_DIAG (Davide Caratti) - Fedora config update (Justin M. Forbes) - Enable NANDSIM for Fedora (Justin M. Forbes) - Re-enable CONFIG_ACPI_TABLE_UPGRADE for Fedora since upstream disables this if secureboot is active (Justin M. Forbes) - Ath11k related config updates (Justin M. Forbes) - Fedora config updates for ath11k (Justin M. Forbes) - Turn on ATH11K for Fedora (Justin M. Forbes) - redhat: enable CONFIG_INTEL_IOMMU_SVM (Jerry Snitselaar) - More Fedora config fixes (Justin M. Forbes) - Fedora 5.10 config updates (Justin M. Forbes) - Fedora 5.10 configs round 1 (Justin M. Forbes) - Fedora config updates (Justin M. Forbes) - Allow kernel-tools to build without selftests (Don Zickus) - Allow building of kernel-tools standalone (Don Zickus) - redhat: ark: disable CONFIG_NET_ACT_CTINFO (Davide Caratti) - redhat: ark: disable CONFIG_NET_SCH_TEQL (Davide Caratti) - redhat: ark: disable CONFIG_NET_SCH_SFB (Davide Caratti) - redhat: ark: disable CONFIG_NET_SCH_QFQ (Davide Caratti) - redhat: ark: disable CONFIG_NET_SCH_PLUG (Davide Caratti) - redhat: ark: disable CONFIG_NET_SCH_PIE (Davide Caratti) - redhat: ark: disable CONFIG_NET_SCH_HHF (Davide Caratti) - redhat: ark: disable CONFIG_NET_SCH_DSMARK (Davide Caratti) - redhat: ark: disable CONFIG_NET_SCH_DRR (Davide Caratti) - redhat: ark: disable CONFIG_NET_SCH_CODEL (Davide Caratti) - redhat: ark: disable CONFIG_NET_SCH_CHOKE (Davide Caratti) - redhat: ark: disable CONFIG_NET_SCH_CBQ (Davide Caratti) - redhat: ark: disable CONFIG_NET_SCH_ATM (Davide Caratti) - redhat: ark: disable CONFIG_NET_EMATCH and sub-targets (Davide Caratti) - redhat: ark: disable CONFIG_NET_CLS_TCINDEX (Davide Caratti) - redhat: ark: disable CONFIG_NET_CLS_RSVP6 (Davide Caratti) - redhat: ark: disable CONFIG_NET_CLS_RSVP (Davide Caratti) - redhat: ark: disable CONFIG_NET_CLS_ROUTE4 (Davide Caratti) - redhat: ark: disable CONFIG_NET_CLS_BASIC (Davide Caratti) - redhat: ark: disable CONFIG_NET_ACT_SKBMOD (Davide Caratti) - redhat: ark: disable CONFIG_NET_ACT_SIMP (Davide Caratti) - redhat: ark: disable CONFIG_NET_ACT_NAT (Davide Caratti) - arm64/defconfig: Enable CONFIG_KEXEC_FILE (Bhupesh Sharma) [1821565] - redhat/configs: Cleanup CONFIG_CRYPTO_SHA512 (Prarit Bhargava) - New configs in drivers/mfd (Fedora Kernel Team) - Fix LTO issues with kernel-tools (Don Zickus) - Point pathfix to the new location for (Justin M. Forbes) - configs: Disable CONFIG_SECURITY_SELINUX_DISABLE (Ondrej Mosnacek) - [Automatic] Handle config dependency changes (Don Zickus) - configs/iommu: Add config comment to empty CONFIG_SUN50I_IOMMU file (Jerry Snitselaar) - New configs in kernel/trace (Fedora Kernel Team) - Fix Fedora config locations (Justin M. Forbes) - Fedora config updates (Justin M. Forbes) - configs: enable CONFIG_CRYPTO_CTS=y so cts(cbc(aes)) is available in FIPS mode (Vladis Dronov) [1855161] - Partial revert: Add master merge check (Don Zickus) - Update Maintainers doc to reflect workflow changes (Don Zickus) - WIP: redhat/docs: Update documentation for single branch workflow (Prarit Bhargava) - Add CONFIG_ARM64_MTE which is not picked up by the config scripts for some reason (Justin M. Forbes) - Disable Speakup synth DECEXT (Justin M. Forbes) - Enable Speakup for Fedora since it is out of staging (Justin M. Forbes) - Modify patchlist changelog output (Don Zickus) - Fix syntax flagged by shellcheck (Ben Crocker) - Fix syntax flagged by shellcheck (Ben Crocker) - redhat/self-test: Initial commit (Ben Crocker) - Fixes "acpi: prefer booting with ACPI over DTS" to be RHEL only (Peter Robinson) - arch/x86: Remove vendor specific CPU ID checks (Prarit Bhargava) - redhat: Replace link in Unsupported message (Prarit Bhargava) [1810301] - x86: Fix compile issues with rh_check_supported() (Don Zickus) - KEYS: Make use of platform keyring for module signature verify (Robert Holmes) - Input: rmi4 - remove the need for artificial IRQ in case of HID (Benjamin Tissoires) - ARM: tegra: usb no reset (Peter Robinson) - arm: make CONFIG_HIGHPTE optional without CONFIG_EXPERT (Jon Masters) - redhat: rh_kabi: deduplication friendly structs (Jiri Benc) - redhat: rh_kabi add a comment with warning about RH_KABI_EXCLUDE usage (Jiri Benc) - redhat: rh_kabi: introduce RH_KABI_EXTEND_WITH_SIZE (Jiri Benc) - redhat: rh_kabi: Indirect EXTEND macros so nesting of other macros will resolve. (Don Dutile) - redhat: rh_kabi: Fix RH_KABI_SET_SIZE to use dereference operator (Tony Camuso) - redhat: rh_kabi: Add macros to size and extend structs (Prarit Bhargava) - Removing Obsolete hba pci-ids from rhel8 (Dick Kennedy) - mptsas: pci-id table changes (Laura Abbott) - mptsas: Taint kernel if mptsas is loaded (Laura Abbott) - mptspi: pci-id table changes (Laura Abbott) - qla2xxx: Remove PCI IDs of deprecated adapter (Jeremy Cline) - be2iscsi: remove unsupported device IDs (Chris Leech) - mptspi: Taint kernel if mptspi is loaded (Laura Abbott) - hpsa: remove old cciss-based smartarray pci ids (Joseph Szczypek) - qla4xxx: Remove deprecated PCI IDs from RHEL 8 (Chad Dupuis) - aacraid: Remove depreciated device and vendor PCI id's (Raghava Aditya Renukunta) - megaraid_sas: remove deprecated pci-ids (Tomas Henzl) - mpt*: remove certain deprecated pci-ids (Jeremy Cline) - kernel: add SUPPORT_REMOVED kernel taint (Tomas Henzl) - Rename RH_DISABLE_DEPRECATED to RHEL_DIFFERENCES (Don Zickus) - Add option of 13 for FORCE_MAX_ZONEORDER (Peter Robinson) - s390: Lock down the kernel when the IPL secure flag is set (Jeremy Cline) - efi: Lock down the kernel if booted in secure boot mode (David Howells) - efi: Add an EFI_SECURE_BOOT flag to indicate secure boot mode (David Howells) - security: lockdown: expose a hook to lock the kernel down (Jeremy Cline) - Make get_cert_list() use efi_status_to_str() to print error messages. (Peter Jones) - Add efi_status_to_str() and rework efi_status_to_err(). (Peter Jones) - Add support for deprecating processors (Laura Abbott) [1565717 1595918 1609604 1610493] - arm: aarch64: Drop the EXPERT setting from ARM64_FORCE_52BIT (Jeremy Cline) - iommu/arm-smmu: workaround DMA mode issues (Laura Abbott) - rh_kabi: introduce RH_KABI_EXCLUDE (Jakub Racek) - ipmi: do not configure ipmi for HPE m400 (Laura Abbott) [1670017] - kABI: Add generic kABI macros to use for kABI workarounds (Myron Stowe) [1546831] - add pci_hw_vendor_status() (Maurizio Lombardi) - ahci: thunderx2: Fix for errata that affects stop engine (Robert Richter) - Vulcan: AHCI PCI bar fix for Broadcom Vulcan early silicon (Robert Richter) - bpf: set unprivileged_bpf_disabled to 1 by default, add a boot parameter (Eugene Syromiatnikov) [1561171] - add Red Hat-specific taint flags (Eugene Syromiatnikov) [1559877] - Ignore redhat/rpm (Jeremy Cline) - put RHEL info into generated headers (Laura Abbott) [1663728] - acpi: prefer booting with ACPI over DTS (Mark Salter) [1576869] - aarch64: acpi scan: Fix regression related to X-Gene UARTs (Mark Salter) [1519554] - ACPI / irq: Workaround firmware issue on X-Gene based m400 (Mark Salter) [1519554] - modules: add rhelversion MODULE_INFO tag (Laura Abbott) - ACPI: APEI: arm64: Ignore broken HPE moonshot APEI support (Al Stone) [1518076] - Add Red Hat tainting (Laura Abbott) [1565704] - Introduce CONFIG_RH_DISABLE_DEPRECATED (Laura Abbott) - Stop merging ark-patches for release (Don Zickus) - Fix path location for (Don Zickus) - Combine Red Hat patches into single patch (Don Zickus) - New configs in drivers/misc (Jeremy Cline) - New configs in drivers/net/wireless (Justin M. Forbes) - New configs in drivers/phy (Fedora Kernel Team) - New configs in drivers/tty (Fedora Kernel Team) - Set SquashFS decompression options for all flavors to match RHEL (Bohdan Khomutskyi) - configs: Enable CONFIG_ENERGY_MODEL (Phil Auld) - New configs in drivers/pinctrl (Fedora Kernel Team) - Update CONFIG_THERMAL_NETLINK (Justin Forbes) - Separate merge-upstream and release stages (Don Zickus) - Re-enable CONFIG_IR_SERIAL on Fedora (Prarit Bhargava) - Create Patchlist.changelog file (Don Zickus) - Filter out upstream commits from changelog (Don Zickus) - Merge Upstream script fixes (Don Zickus) - kernel.spec: Remove kernel-keys directory on rpm erase (Prarit Bhargava) - Add mlx5_vdpa to module filter for Fedora (Justin M. Forbes) - Add python3-sphinx_rtd_theme buildreq for docs (Justin M. Forbes) - redhat/configs/ Remove *.config.orig files (Prarit Bhargava) - redhat/configs/ Add process_configs_known_broken flag (Prarit Bhargava) - redhat/Makefile: Fix '*-configs' targets (Prarit Bhargava) - dist-merge-upstream: Checkout known branch for ci scripts (Don Zickus) - kernel.spec: don't override upstream compiler flags for ppc64le (Dan Horák) - Fedora config updates (Justin M. Forbes) - Fedora confi gupdate (Justin M. Forbes) - Fix syntax flagged by shellcheck (Ben Crocker) - Swap how ark-latest is built (Don Zickus) - Add extra version bump to os-build branch (Don Zickus) - dist-release: Avoid needless version bump. (Don Zickus) - Add dist-fedora-release target (Don Zickus) - Remove redundant code in dist-release (Don Zickus) - Makefile.common rename TAG to _TAG (Don Zickus) - Fedora config change (Justin M. Forbes) - Fedora filter update (Justin M. Forbes) - Config update for Fedora (Justin M. Forbes) - enable PROTECTED_VIRTUALIZATION_GUEST for all s390x kernels (Dan Horák) - redhat: ark: enable CONFIG_NET_SCH_TAPRIO (Davide Caratti) - redhat: ark: enable CONFIG_NET_SCH_ETF (Davide Caratti) - More Fedora config updates (Justin M. Forbes) - New config deps (Justin M. Forbes) - Fedora config updates (Justin M. Forbes) - First half of config updates for Fedora (Justin M. Forbes) - Updates for Fedora arm architectures for the 5.9 window (Peter Robinson) - Merge 5.9 config changes from Peter Robinson (Justin M. Forbes) - Add config options that only show up when we prep on arm (Justin M. Forbes) - Config updates for Fedora (Justin M. Forbes) - fedora: enable enery model (Peter Robinson) - Use the configs/generic config for SND_HDA_INTEL everywhere (Peter Robinson) - Enable ZSTD compression algorithm on all kernels (Peter Robinson) - Enable ARM_SMCCC_SOC_ID on all aarch64 kernels (Peter Robinson) - iio: enable LTR-559 light and proximity sensor (Peter Robinson) - iio: chemical: enable some popular chemical and partical sensors (Peter Robinson) - More mismatches (Justin M. Forbes) - Fedora config change due to deps (Justin M. Forbes) - CONFIG_SND_SOC_MAX98390 is now selected by SND_SOC_INTEL_DA7219_MAX98357A_GENERIC (Justin M. Forbes) - Config change required for build part 2 (Justin M. Forbes) - Config change required for build (Justin M. Forbes) - Fedora config update (Justin M. Forbes) - Add ability to sync upstream through Makefile (Don Zickus) - Add master merge check (Don Zickus) - Replace hardcoded values 'os-build' and project id with variables (Don Zickus) - redhat/Makefile.common: Fix MARKER (Prarit Bhargava) - gitattributes: Remove unnecesary export restrictions (Prarit Bhargava) - Add new certs for dual signing with boothole (Justin M. Forbes) - Update secureboot signing for dual keys (Justin M. Forbes) - fedora: enable LEDS_SGM3140 for arm configs (Peter Robinson) - Enable CONFIG_DM_VERITY_VERIFY_ROOTHASH_SIG (Justin M. Forbes) - redhat/configs: Fix common CONFIGs (Prarit Bhargava) - redhat/configs: General CONFIG cleanups (Prarit Bhargava) - redhat/configs: Update & generalize evaluate_configs (Prarit Bhargava) - fedora: arm: Update some meson config options (Peter Robinson) - redhat/docs: Add Fedora RPM tagging date (Prarit Bhargava) - Update config for renamed panel driver. (Peter Robinson) - Enable SERIAL_SC16IS7XX for SPI interfaces (Peter Robinson) - s390x-zfcpdump: Handle missing Module.symvers file (Don Zickus) - Fedora config updates (Justin M. Forbes) - redhat/configs: Add .tmp files to .gitignore (Prarit Bhargava) - disable uncommon TCP congestion control algorithms (Davide Caratti) - Add new bpf man pages (Justin M. Forbes) - Add default option for CONFIG_ARM64_BTI_KERNEL to pending-common so that eln kernels build (Justin M. Forbes) - redhat/Makefile: Add fedora-configs and rh-configs make targets (Prarit Bhargava) - redhat/configs: Use SHA512 for module signing (Prarit Bhargava) - 'touch' empty Patchlist file for single tarball (Don Zickus) - Fedora config update for rc1 (Justin M. Forbes) - Fedora config updates (Justin M. Forbes) - Fedora config updates (Justin M. Forbes) - redhat/Makefile.common: fix RPMKSUBLEVEL condition (Ondrej Mosnacek) - redhat/Makefile: silence KABI tar output (Ondrej Mosnacek) - One more Fedora config update (Justin M. Forbes) - Fedora config updates (Justin M. Forbes) - Fix PATCHLEVEL for merge window (Justin M. Forbes) - Change ark CONFIG_COMMON_CLK to yes, it is selected already by other options (Justin M. Forbes) - Fedora config updates (Justin M. Forbes) - Fedora config updates (Justin M. Forbes) - Fedora config updates (Justin M. Forbes) - More module filtering for Fedora (Justin M. Forbes) - Update filters for rnbd in Fedora (Justin M. Forbes) - Fedora config updates (Justin M. Forbes) - Fix up module filtering for 5.8 (Justin M. Forbes) - Fedora config updates (Justin M. Forbes) - More Fedora config work (Justin M. Forbes) - RTW88BE and CE have been extracted to their own modules (Justin M. Forbes) - Set CONFIG_BLK_INLINE_ENCRYPTION_FALLBACK for Fedora (Justin M. Forbes) - Fedora config updates (Justin M. Forbes) - Arm64 Use Branch Target Identification for kernel (Justin M. Forbes) - Change value of CONFIG_SECURITY_SELINUX_CHECKREQPROT_VALUE (Justin M. Forbes) - Fedora config updates (Justin M. Forbes) - Fix configs for Fedora (Justin M. Forbes) - Add zero-commit to format-patch options (Justin M. Forbes) - Copy Makefile.rhelver as a source file rather than a patch (Jeremy Cline) - Move the sed to clear the patch templating outside of conditionals (Justin M. Forbes) - Match template format in kernel.spec.template (Justin M. Forbes) - Break out the Patches into individual files for dist-git (Justin M. Forbes) - Break the Red Hat patch into individual commits (Jeremy Cline) - Fix unselective pattern sub (David Howells) - Add cec to the filter overrides (Justin M. Forbes) - Add overrides to (Justin M. Forbes) - redhat/configs: Enable CONFIG_SMC91X and disable CONFIG_SMC911X (Prarit Bhargava) [1722136] - Include bpftool-struct_ops man page in the bpftool package (Jeremy Cline) - Add to the script (Jeremy Cline) - Use __make macro instead of make (Tom Stellard) - Sign off generated configuration patches (Jeremy Cline) - Drop the static path configuration for the Sphinx docs (Jeremy Cline) - redhat: Add dummy-module kernel module (Prarit Bhargava) - redhat: enable CONFIG_LWTUNNEL_BPF (Jiri Benc) - Remove typoed config file aarch64CONFIG_SM_GCC_8150 (Justin M. Forbes) - Add Documentation back to kernel-devel as it has Kconfig now (Justin M. Forbes) - Copy distro files rather than moving them (Jeremy Cline) - kernel.spec: fix 'make scripts' for kernel-devel package (Brian Masney) - Makefile: correct help text for dist-cross-<arch>-rpms (Brian Masney) - redhat/Makefile: Fix RHEL8 python warning (Prarit Bhargava) - redhat: Change Makefile target names to dist- (Prarit Bhargava) - configs: Disable Serial IR driver (Prarit Bhargava) - Fix "multiple %%files for package kernel-tools" (Pablo Greco) - Introduce a Sphinx documentation project (Jeremy Cline) - Build ARK against ELN (Don Zickus) - Drop the requirement to have a remote called linus (Jeremy Cline) - Rename 'internal' branch to 'os-build' (Don Zickus) - Only include open merge requests with "Include in Releases" label (Jeremy Cline) - Package gpio-watch in kernel-tools (Jeremy Cline) - Exit non-zero if the tag already exists for a release (Jeremy Cline) - Adjust the changelog update script to not push anything (Jeremy Cline) - Drop --target noarch from the rh-rpms make target (Jeremy Cline) - Add a script to generate release tags and branches (Jeremy Cline) - Set CONFIG_VDPA for fedora (Justin M. Forbes) - Add a README to the dist-git repository (Jeremy Cline) - Provide defaults in (Jeremy Cline) - Default to not report issues (Jeremy Cline) - Drop DIST from release commits and tags (Jeremy Cline) - Place the buildid before the dist in the release (Jeremy Cline) - Sync up with Fedora arm configuration prior to merging (Jeremy Cline) - Disable CONFIG_PROTECTED_VIRTUALIZATION_GUEST for zfcpdump (Jeremy Cline) - Add RHMAINTAINERS file and supporting conf (Don Zickus) - Add a script to test if all commits are signed off (Jeremy Cline) - Fix make rh-configs-arch (Don Zickus) - Drop RH_FEDORA in favor of the now-merged RHEL_DIFFERENCES (Jeremy Cline) - Sync up Fedora configs from the first week of the merge window (Jeremy Cline) - Migrate blacklisting floppy.ko to (Don Zickus) - kernel packaging: Combine and (Don Zickus) - kernel packaging: Fix extra namespace collision (Don Zickus) - Rename to (Don Zickus) - Make file generic (Don Zickus) - Fix a painfully obvious YAML syntax error in .gitlab-ci.yml (Jeremy Cline) - Add in armv7hl kernel header support (Don Zickus) - Disable all BuildKernel commands when only building headers (Don Zickus) - Drop any gitlab-ci patches from ark-patches (Jeremy Cline) - Build the srpm for internal branch CI using the vanilla tree (Jeremy Cline) - Pull in the latest ARM configurations for Fedora (Jeremy Cline) - Fix xz memory usage issue (Neil Horman) - Use ark-latest instead of master for update script (Jeremy Cline) - Move the CI jobs back into the ARK repository (Jeremy Cline) - Sync up ARK's Fedora config with the dist-git repository (Jeremy Cline) - Pull in the latest configuration changes from Fedora (Jeremy Cline) - configs: enable CONFIG_NET_SCH_CBS (Marcelo Ricardo Leitner) - Drop configuration options in fedora/ that no longer exist (Jeremy Cline) - Set RH_FEDORA for ARK and Fedora (Jeremy Cline) - redhat/kernel.spec: Include the release in the kernel COPYING file (Jeremy Cline) - redhat/kernel.spec: add scripts/jobserver-exec to py3_shbang_opts list (Jeremy Cline) - redhat/kernel.spec: package bpftool-gen man page (Jeremy Cline) - distgit-changelog: handle multiple y-stream BZ numbers (Bruno Meneguele) - redhat/kernel.spec: remove all inline comments (Bruno Meneguele) - redhat/genspec: awk unknown whitespace regex pattern (Bruno Meneguele) - Improve the readability of (Jeremy Cline) - Fix some awkward edge cases in (Jeremy Cline) - Update the CI environment to use Fedora 31 (Jeremy Cline) - redhat: drop whitespace from with_gcov macro (Jan Stancek) - configs: Enable CONFIG_KEY_DH_OPERATIONS on ARK (Ondrej Mosnacek) - configs: Adjust CONFIG_MPLS_ROUTING and CONFIG_MPLS_IPTUNNEL (Laura Abbott) - New configs in lib/crypto (Jeremy Cline) - New configs in drivers/char (Jeremy Cline) - Turn on BLAKE2B for Fedora (Jeremy Cline) - kernel.spec.template: Clean up stray *.h.s files (Laura Abbott) - Build the SRPM in the CI job (Jeremy Cline) - New configs in net/tls (Jeremy Cline) - New configs in net/tipc (Jeremy Cline) - New configs in lib/kunit (Jeremy Cline) - Fix up released_kernel case (Laura Abbott) - New configs in lib/Kconfig.debug (Jeremy Cline) - New configs in drivers/ptp (Jeremy Cline) - New configs in drivers/nvme (Jeremy Cline) - New configs in drivers/net/phy (Jeremy Cline) - New configs in arch/arm64 (Jeremy Cline) - New configs in drivers/crypto (Jeremy Cline) - New configs in crypto/Kconfig (Jeremy Cline) - Add label so the Gitlab to email bridge ignores the changelog (Jeremy Cline) - Temporarily switch TUNE_DEFAULT to y (Jeremy Cline) - Run config test for merge requests and internal (Jeremy Cline) - Add missing licensedir line (Laura Abbott) - redhat/scripts: Remove redhat/scripts/ (Prarit Bhargava) - configs: Take CONFIG_DEFAULT_MMAP_MIN_ADDR from Fedra (Laura Abbott) - configs: Turn off ISDN (Laura Abbott) - Add a script to generate configuration patches (Laura Abbott) - Introduce rh-configs-commit (Laura Abbott) - kernel-packaging: Remove kernel files from kernel-modules-extra package (Prarit Bhargava) - configs: Enable CONFIG_DEBUG_WX (Laura Abbott) - configs: Disable wireless USB (Laura Abbott) - Clean up some temporary config files (Laura Abbott) - configs: New config in drivers/gpu for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline) - configs: New config in arch/powerpc for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline) - configs: New config in crypto for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline) - configs: New config in drivers/usb for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline) - AUTOMATIC: New configs (Jeremy Cline) - Skip ksamples for bpf, they are broken (Jeremy Cline) - configs: New config in fs/erofs for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline) - configs: New config in mm for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline) - configs: New config in drivers/md for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline) - configs: New config in init for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline) - configs: New config in fs/fuse for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline) - Avoid comments but do not skip them (Don Zickus) - configs: New config in drivers/net/ethernet/pensando for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline) - Update a comment about what released kernel means (Laura Abbott) - Provide both Fedora and RHEL files in the SRPM (Laura Abbott) - kernel.spec.template: Trim EXTRAVERSION in the Makefile (Laura Abbott) - kernel.spec.template: Add macros for building with nopatches (Laura Abbott) - kernel.spec.template: Add some macros for Fedora differences (Laura Abbott) - kernel.spec.template: Consolodate the options (Laura Abbott) - configs: Add pending direcory to Fedora (Laura Abbott) - kernel.spec.template: Don't run hardlink if rpm-ostree is in use (Laura Abbott) - configs: New config in net/can for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline) - configs: New config in drivers/net/phy for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline) - configs: Increase x86_64 NR_UARTS to 64 (Prarit Bhargava) [1730649] - configs: turn on ARM64_FORCE_52BIT for debug builds (Jeremy Cline) - kernel.spec.template: Tweak the python3 mangling (Laura Abbott) - kernel.spec.template: Add --with verbose option (Laura Abbott) - kernel.spec.template: Switch to using %%install instead of %%__install (Laura Abbott) - kernel.spec.template: Make the URL https (Laura Abbott) - kernel.spec.template: Update message about secure boot signing (Laura Abbott) - kernel.spec.template: Move some with flags definitions up (Laura Abbott) - kernel.spec.template: Update some BuildRequires (Laura Abbott) - kernel.spec.template: Get rid of %%clean (Laura Abbott) - configs: New config in drivers/char for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline) - configs: New config in net/sched for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline) - configs: New config in lib for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline) - configs: New config in fs/verity for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline) - configs: New config in arch/aarch64 for v5.4-rc4 (Jeremy Cline) - configs: New config in arch/arm64 for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline) - Flip off CONFIG_ARM64_VA_BITS_52 so the bundle that turns it on applies (Jeremy Cline) - New configuration options for v5.4-rc4 (Jeremy Cline) - Correctly name tarball for single tarball builds (Laura Abbott) - configs: New config in drivers/pci for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline) - Allow overriding the dist tag on the command line (Laura Abbott) - Allow scratch branch target to be overridden (Laura Abbott) - Remove long dead BUILD_DEFAULT_TARGET (Laura Abbott) - Amend the changelog when rebasing (Laura Abbott) - configs: New config in drivers/platform for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline) - configs: New config in drivers/pinctrl for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline) - configs: New config in drivers/net/wireless for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline) - configs: New config in drivers/net/ethernet/mellanox for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline) - configs: New config in drivers/net/can for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline) - configs: New config in drivers/hid for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline) - configs: New config in drivers/dma-buf for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline) - configs: New config in drivers/crypto for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline) - configs: New config in arch/s390 for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline) - configs: New config in block for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline) - configs: New config in drivers/cpuidle for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline) - redhat: configs: Split CONFIG_CRYPTO_SHA512 (Laura Abbott) - redhat: Set Fedora options (Laura Abbott) - Set CRYPTO_SHA3_*_S390 to builtin on zfcpdump (Jeremy Cline) - configs: New config in drivers/edac for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline) - configs: New config in drivers/firmware for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline) - configs: New config in drivers/hwmon for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline) - configs: New config in drivers/iio for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline) - configs: New config in drivers/mmc for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline) - configs: New config in drivers/tty for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline) - configs: New config in arch/s390 for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline) - configs: New config in drivers/bus for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline) - Add option to allow mismatched configs on the command line (Laura Abbott) - configs: New config in drivers/crypto for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline) - configs: New config in sound/pci for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline) - configs: New config in sound/soc for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline) - gitlab: Add CI job for packaging scripts (Major Hayden) - Speed up CI with CKI image (Major Hayden) - Disable e1000 driver in ARK (Neil Horman) - configs: Fix the pending default for CONFIG_ARM64_VA_BITS_52 (Jeremy Cline) - configs: Turn on OPTIMIZE_INLINING for everything (Jeremy Cline) - configs: Set valid pending defaults for CRYPTO_ESSIV (Jeremy Cline) - Add an initial CI configuration for the internal branch (Jeremy Cline) - New drop of configuration options for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline) - New drop of configuration options for v5.4-rc1 (Jeremy Cline) - Pull the RHEL version defines out of the Makefile (Jeremy Cline) - Sync up the ARK build scripts (Jeremy Cline) - Sync up the Fedora Rawhide configs (Jeremy Cline) - Sync up the ARK config files (Jeremy Cline) - configs: Adjust CONFIG_FORCE_MAX_ZONEORDER for Fedora (Laura Abbott) - configs: Add README for some other arches (Laura Abbott) - configs: Sync up Fedora configs (Laura Abbott) - [initial commit] Add structure for building with git (Laura Abbott) - [initial commit] Add Red Hat variables in the top level makefile (Laura Abbott) - [initial commit] Red Hat gitignore and attributes (Laura Abbott) - [initial commit] Add changelog (Laura Abbott) - [initial commit] Add makefile (Laura Abbott) - [initial commit] Add files for generating the kernel.spec (Laura Abbott) - [initial commit] Add rpm directory (Laura Abbott) - [initial commit] Add files for packaging (Laura Abbott) - [initial commit] Add kabi files (Laura Abbott) - [initial commit] Add scripts (Laura Abbott) - [initial commit] Add configs (Laura Abbott) - [initial commit] Add Makefiles (Laura Abbott) Resolves: rhbz#1518076, rhbz#1519554, rhbz#1546831, rhbz#1559877, rhbz#1561171, rhbz#1565704, rhbz#1565717, rhbz#1576869, rhbz#1595918, rhbz#1609604, rhbz#1610493, rhbz#1613522, rhbz#1638087, rhbz#1663728, rhbz#1670017, rhbz#1722136, rhbz#1730649, rhbz#1802694, rhbz#1810301, rhbz#1821565, rhbz#1831065, rhbz#1855161, rhbz#1856174, rhbz#1856176, rhbz#1858592, rhbz#1858594, rhbz#1858596, rhbz#1858599, rhbz#1869674, rhbz#1876435, rhbz#1876436, rhbz#1880486, rhbz#1890304, rhbz#1903201, rhbz#1915073, rhbz#1930649, rhbz#1939095, rhbz#1940075, rhbz#1940794, rhbz#1943423, rhbz#1945002, rhbz#1945179, rhbz#1945477, rhbz#1947240, rhbz#1956988, rhbz#1957636, rhbz#1957819, rhbz#1961178, rhbz#1962936, rhbz#1967640, rhbz#1972795, rhbz#1976270, rhbz#1976835, rhbz#1977056, rhbz#1977529, rhbz#1979379, rhbz#1981406, rhbz#1983298, rhbz#1988254, rhbz#1988384, rhbz#1990040, rhbz#1993393, rhbz#1998953, rhbz#2006813, rhbz#2007430 Signed-off-by: Justin M. Forbes <>
Diffstat (limited to 'kernel-i686-fedora.config')
1 files changed, 29 insertions, 3 deletions
diff --git a/kernel-i686-fedora.config b/kernel-i686-fedora.config
index 2ee0f9ae9..839f8b6da 100644
--- a/kernel-i686-fedora.config
+++ b/kernel-i686-fedora.config
@@ -239,7 +239,11 @@ CONFIG_AMD_XGBE_DCB=y
-# CONFIG_ANDROID is not set
# CONFIG_APDS9300 is not set
# CONFIG_APDS9960 is not set
@@ -282,6 +286,8 @@ CONFIG_ARM64_EPAN=y
@@ -295,6 +301,7 @@ CONFIG_ARM_SMCCC_SOC_ID=y
# CONFIG_AS3935 is not set
# CONFIG_AS73211 is not set
+# CONFIG_ASHMEM is not set
@@ -616,6 +623,7 @@ CONFIG_BRCMFMAC_SDIO=y
@@ -785,6 +793,7 @@ CONFIG_CDROM_PKTCDVD_BUFFERS=8
+# CONFIG_CEC_GPIO is not set
@@ -1022,6 +1031,7 @@ CONFIG_CROS_USBPD_NOTIFY=m
+# CONFIG_CRYPTO_AES_ARM64 is not set
@@ -1743,6 +1754,7 @@ CONFIG_EROFS_FS=m
@@ -2784,6 +2796,7 @@ CONFIG_IP_FIB_TRIE_STATS=y
+# CONFIG_IPMI_IPMB is not set
@@ -3461,6 +3474,7 @@ CONFIG_MELLANOX_PLATFORM=y
# CONFIG_MEMORY is not set
@@ -4898,11 +4912,16 @@ CONFIG_PPS_CLIENT_PARPORT=m
# CONFIG_PPS_DEBUG is not set
-# CONFIG_PREEMPT is not set
@@ -5420,6 +5439,7 @@ CONFIG_SCD30_SERIAL=m
# CONFIG_SC_GPUCC_7180 is not set
@@ -5712,6 +5732,7 @@ CONFIG_SENSORS_MAX31722=m
# CONFIG_SENSORS_MAX31785 is not set
+# CONFIG_SENSORS_MAX6620 is not set
# CONFIG_SENSORS_MAX6621 is not set
@@ -6544,6 +6565,7 @@ CONFIG_SPI_AMD=y
# CONFIG_SPI_DEBUG is not set
@@ -6637,6 +6659,7 @@ CONFIG_STM_SOURCE_HEARTBEAT=m
@@ -7508,6 +7531,7 @@ CONFIG_VIDEO_HDPVR=m
+# CONFIG_VIDEO_HI846 is not set
@@ -7542,6 +7566,7 @@ CONFIG_VIDEO_MXB=m
+# CONFIG_VIDEO_OV13B10 is not set
@@ -7909,6 +7934,7 @@ CONFIG_XO15_EBOOK=m
# CONFIG_XZ_DEC_TEST is not set