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+The Kernel dist-git
+The kernel is maintained in a `source tree`_ rather than directly in dist-git.
+The specfile is maintained as a `template`_ in the source tree along with a set
+of build scripts to generate configurations, (S)RPMs, and to populate the
+dist-git repository.
+The `documentation`_ for the source tree covers how to contribute and maintain
+the tree.
+If you're looking for the downstream patch set it's available in the source
+tree with "git log master..ark-patches" or
+Each release in dist-git is tagged in the source repository so you can easily
+check out the source tree for a build. The tags are in the format
+name-version-release, but note release doesn't contain the dist tag since the
+source can be built in different build roots (Fedora, CentOS, etc.)
+.. _source tree:
+.. _template:
+.. _documentation:
+.. _online: