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* Enable cross-compilation supportHEADmasterPaul P. Komkoff2013-08-042-6/+309
* Perl 5.18 rebuildPetr Písař2013-07-171-1/+4
* Try again to fix this packageAdam Goode2013-07-102-1/+20
* Move src to libdir for now (#973842) (upstream issue Goode2013-07-042-72/+33
* Eliminate noarch data package to work around RPM bug (bz #975909)Adam Goode2013-06-281-12/+17
* Use lua for pretrans ( Goode2013-06-191-6/+10
* Hopefully really fix #973842Adam Goode2013-06-171-2/+20
* Update to 1.1.1Adam Goode2013-06-133-66/+51
* - set ExclusiveArchDan Horák2013-05-251-1/+6
* Fix noarch package discrepanciesAdam Goode2013-05-231-2/+12
* Initial Fedora packageAdam Goode2013-05-234-0/+317
* Initial setup of the repoFedora Release Engineering2013-05-222-0/+0