BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
attrs-testAvoid attrs test flakines, stop using info_nssSimo Sorce4 years
login_stacksMake availble a list of alternative aut methodsSimo Sorce4 years
masterFix sticter lint checksSimo Sorce4 years
preconfMake SSSD config 'preconfigured' and unmodifiableSimo Sorce4 years
provsessAdd helper to store provider specific dataSimo Sorce4 years
pylint143pylint 1.4.3 version fixesSimo Sorce4 years
reviewMerge the login and info plugins configurationsSimo Sorce4 years
rowmagicUse disabled template for mappings and listsSimo Sorce4 years
testtestSimo Sorce4 years
ticket-18Make available case insensitive mapping matchingSimo Sorce4 years
ticket-74Find transaction ids for internal redirectsSimo Sorce4 years
ticket-8Add expiration to Idp metadataSimo Sorce4 years
wipInitial requirements.txt fileSimo Sorce4 years