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* BUG#: 2903martin2005-05-121-0/+28
* BUG#: 2903martin2005-05-1215-1/+421
* BUG#: 2793martin2005-05-124-43/+51
* BUG#: 2972dave.sudlik2005-05-0210-0/+1535
* BUG#: 2656karl2005-02-0513-20/+46
* BUG#: 2196karl2004-10-1713-35/+97
* Pegasus SLP on windows compilation of Unsupported slp_clienttony2003-11-1811-443/+705
* Pegasus SLP on windows compilationtony2003-11-171-0/+761
* Pegasus SLP on windows compilationtony2003-11-173-28/+145
* Pegasus SLP on windows compilationtony2003-11-171-4/+15
* add new html version of the readme per PEP 103, the review version of this do...karl2003-11-132-0/+0
* removed copyright changesmday2003-10-2312-55/+19
* PEP 55 Update license on source files to current license text and datePOST_LICENSE_UPDATE_2003karl2003-10-2212-7/+295
* added parser support for service-id urlmday2003-06-057-217/+265
* changed operator keyword in ldap filter because of class with c++mday2003-05-215-22/+23
* removed binary filesmday2003-05-213-411/+1
* minor edits to Makefile(s)mday2003-05-213-9/+2
* minor edits to readme and installmday2003-05-212-14/+3
* build worksmday2003-05-2110-67/+124
* Initial revisionmday2003-05-2160-0/+31316
* initial checkinmday2003-05-201-0/+86