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+Source File:
+To generate the OpenPegasus specific mofs used to load CIM server specific
+namespaces the script pegasus/mak/CreateDmtfSchema was used.
+Three manual updates needed to be made in the generated OpenPegasus mofs after
+running the script:
+ In CIM_Core.mof added the lines:
+ #pragma include ("DMTF/Interop/CIM_Error.mof")
+ at the top of all other includes i.e just before
+ the include of "DMTF/Core/CIM_ManagedElement.mof"
+ #pragma include ("DMTF/System/CIM_VirtualSettingData.mof")
+ before the include of "DMTF/Core/CIM_VirtualEthernetSwitchSettingData.mof"
+ In CIM_System.mof added the line:
+ #pragma include ("DMTF/User/CIM_Credential.mof")
+ before the include of "DMTF/System/CIM_BIOSService.mof"