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+Using CQL with CMPI
+ To use CQL support for indications and exec query you will have to use
+ the Pegasus/Provider/CMPI/cmpi_cql.h header file with one new function.
+ You also you need to define PEGASUS_USE_EXPERIMENTAL in your
+ code to take advantage of these CQL utility functions. The reason is that
+ the CMPI standard 1.0 is unclear on one thing:
+ - CMNewSelectExp. One of arguments passed is a 'projection' array. The
+ spec does not explain exactly what in such array. Implementation of
+ CMPI that also implemented WQL put a string representation of the
+ properties, as "SystemName", "Hostname", etc. But that is not neccesarily
+ the case with CQL, where you can have chained identifiers such as
+ "CIM_OperatingSystem::SystemName". In other words, the CMPI standard
+ needs to clarify this and to make the existing providers backward
+ supported, this utility function - CMPI_CQL_NewSelectExp is provided
+ until the CMPI standard comes up with a conclusion on this.
+ When the CMPI provides a resolution on these issues, this utility
+ interface will be gone and unsupported.
+ Questions and Answers:
+Q1: Is the CMPI Specification really ambiguous or does it
+just not support CQL? If it's ambiguous should it be fixed
+before it goes final?
+A1:. Page 96 of the CMPI review spec states (line 2899-2901): The *projection output argument is
+a pointer to a CMPIArray structure of CMPIString entries containing projection specification.
+It shall be set to NULL if no projection is defined.. To clarify any ambigiuity, an e-mail to the
+ CMPI review group was sent, which would add the following: The projection specification is query
+language specific. Hence the entries format of the projection output array CMPIString might be
+different depending on the query language. Be sure to check the lang argument for the query language your
+provider will support. . To guard the provider from DMTF's CQL possible ways it can be represented in
+a string format, and since the CQL is experimental, the CMNewSelectExp will NOT support CQL.
+The CMPI_CQL_NewSelect will support both CQL and WQL.
+AQ:What happens if an existing Provider is passed a CQL
+statement and issues a newSelectExp call? Does it return
+an error?
+A2: The error code CMPI_RC_ERR_QUERY_LANGUAGE_NOT_SUPPORTED would be set.
+Q3: Both CMNewSelectExp and CMPI_CQL_NewSelectExp return a
+CMPISelectExp. Is there anyway to determine whether the
+CMPISelectExp represents a CQL or WQL expression?
+A3:Not from the scope of the CMPISelectExp structure. Please note that the routine
+ that would exercise the CMPISelectExp has a char *lang passed in as argument.
+This char *lang* can be used to easily determine what query language is used.
Registering CMPI providers with Pegasus