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Pegasus 2.4 *NEWS*
-The CMPI header files are being standardized and will be (or by the time you
-read this, already are) frozen. However, the Pegasus 2.4 release is done
-earlier than the anticipated date for freezing the CMPI standard.
-Hence to not provide the developer with a possibly not-frozen interface,
-the CMPI header files are not shipped as part of the SDK (openpegasus-devel RPM).
-But they are part of the CVS and source tarball. Please visit
-to retrieve the frozen CMPI files.
+The CMPI header files are being standardized and will be (possibly by the
+time you read this) frozen. However, since the OpenPegasus 2.4 release is
+anticipated prior to the anticipated freezing of the CMPI standard,
+the OpenPegasus 2.4 release will not provide the CMPI header files as
+part of the OpenPegasus 2.4 SDK.
+They can be found within CVS and the source tarball. Visit
+ to view the CMPI header files.
Build CMPI from sources