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TITLE: CMPI Interfaces have not been marked as Experimental DESCRIPTION: Adding a section explaing reasons for not including CMPI header files in the OpenPegasus SDK.
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Viktor Mihajlovski <>
Nov 14th 2003
+Pegasus 2.4 *NEWS*
+The CMPI header files are being standardized and will be (or by the time you
+read this, already are) frozen. However, the Pegasus 2.4 release is done
+earlier than the anticipated date for freezing the CMPI standard.
+Hence to not provide the developer with a possibly not-frozen interface,
+the CMPI header files are not shipped as part of the SDK (openwbem-devel RPM).
+But they are part of the CVS and source tarball. Please visit
+to retrieve the frozen CMPI files.
+Build CMPI from sources
The Common Manageability Programming Interface (CMPI) has been integrated into
Pegasus as a pluggable provider manager.
@@ -12,6 +28,9 @@ For CMPI enablement, set the following environment variables prior to make:
+Using CMPI
If you plan to write your own CMPI providers you are kindly referred to the
WBEMSource homepage where the draft specification document for CMPI resides.
You can find at .
@@ -19,6 +38,10 @@ If you are looking for samples you should have a look at the SBLIM project.
The packages prefixed by the string sblim-cmpi contain CMPI providers for
various classes. See .
+Registering CMPI providers with Pegasus
Once you have a CMPI provider library you want to register it with Pegasus.
How? Well it's almost the same as for C++ providers. The only difference is
that the Provider.Interface property must be set to "CMPI".