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BUG#: 8864
TITLE: PEP 318: 32bit providers in 64bit OpenPegasus
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+ <b>Description:&nbsp;</b> Builds the Pegasus with 32-bit provider support for the specified platform.
+ If this option is set, the value MUST be one of the 32-bit supported platforms by Pegasus.
+ <br>
+ <b>Default Value:&nbsp;</b>Not set<br>
+ <b>Recommended Value (Development Build):&nbsp;</b>Not set<br>
+ <b>Recommended Value (Release Build):&nbsp;</b>Not set<br>
+ <b>Required:&nbsp;</b>No<br>
+ <b>Considerations:&nbsp;</b>
+ This option is used to run the 32-bit providers under 64-bit CIMserver.
+ To register the 32-bit providers, register the provider module by setting the
+ Bitness property value to "2". 32-bit Providers are always loaded out of process
+ irrespective of forceProviderProcesses config option.
+ <br>
<b>Description:&nbsp;</b>If true, new repository stores are created