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BUG#: 8071
TITLE: Zero server restart on idleConnectionTimeout, socketWriteTimeout and providerDir changes
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@@ -2569,6 +2569,7 @@ configuration properties.</p>
<b>Recommended Default Value (Release Build):&nbsp;</b>0<br>
<b>Recommend To Be Fixed/Hidden (Development Build): </b>No/No<br>
<b>Recommend To Be Fixed/Hidden (Release Build):&nbsp;</b>No/No<br>
+ <b>Dynamic?:&nbsp;</b>Yes<br>
<b>Considerations:&nbsp;</b>A client connection is considered
idle when it is not in the process of sending a request and
the CIM Server is not processing a request from that connection.
@@ -2581,7 +2582,8 @@ configuration properties.</p>
considered when configuring an idle connection timeout value.
The idle connection time is computed using the system clock.
Thus, resetting the system clock may cause unexpected timeout
- behavior.<br>
+ behavior.This config property can be changed dynamically. The
+ changes will apply to all new and existing connections. <br>
@@ -2698,7 +2700,7 @@ configuration properties.</p>
<b>Recommend To Be Fixed/Hidden (Development Build): </b>No/No<br>
<b>Recommend To Be Fixed/Hidden (Release Build):&nbsp;</b>Yes<br>
- <b>Dynamic?:&nbsp;</b>No<br>
+ <b>Dynamic?:&nbsp;</b>Yes<br>
<b>Considerations:&nbsp;</b>The CIM Server runs as a privileged
user. And, since Providers run in the same process space as the
CIM Server, Providers also have privileged access to the
@@ -2890,7 +2892,10 @@ configuration properties.</p>
20 (seconds)<br>
<b>Recommend To Be Fixed/Hidden (Development Build): </b>No/No<br>
<b>Recommend To Be Fixed/Hidden (Release Build):&nbsp;</b>No/No<br>
- <b>Dynamic?:&nbsp;</b>No<br>
+ <b>Dynamic?:&nbsp;</b>Yes<br>
+ <b>Considerations:&nbsp;</b>Any changes made to this config property
+ dynamically will apply to new CIM Server connections only
+ keeping old already established connections unchanged.<br>
<b>Source Configuration File:&nbsp;</b>