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@@ -3033,7 +3033,7 @@ configuration properties.</p>
<b>Description:&nbsp;</b>Defines the desired facility for trace
messages. Valid values include: &quot;File&quot;
- and &quot;Log&quot;.<br>
+ , &quot;Log&quot; and &quot;Memory&quot; .<br>
<b>Default Value:&nbsp;</b>File<br>
<b>Recommended Default Value (Development Build): </b>File<br>
<b>Recommended Default Value (Release Build): </b>File<br>
@@ -3045,7 +3045,12 @@ configuration properties.</p>
trace messagesare written into the file specified by the
configuration option traceFilePath. If you specify
&quot;Log&quot;, trace messages are written to the
- OpenPegasus Log.<br>
+ OpenPegasus Log. If you specify Memory, the trace messages
+ are collected in a wrap-around memory buffer.
+ If this memory is part of a dump the trace messages can be
+ found by the eye-catcher &quot;PEGASUSMEMTRACE&quot; at
+ the top of the memory buffer. The trace is in clear text and
+ the last written message has the suffix &quot;EOTRACE&quot;.<br>
<b>Source Configuration File:&nbsp;</b>
@@ -3080,6 +3085,24 @@ configuration properties.</p>
+ <b>Description:&nbsp;</b>Defines the size of the buffer for
+ in memory tracing in kbytes ( 2<sup>10</sup> bytes ).
+ Smallest value is 16.<br>
+ <b>Default Value:&nbsp;</b>10240<br>
+ <b>Recommended Default Value (Development Build): </b>10240<br>
+ <b>Recommended Default Value (Release Build): </b>10240<br>
+ <b>Recommend To Be Fixed/Hidden (Development Build): </b>No/No<br>
+ <b>Recommend To Be Fixed/Hidden (Release Build): </b>No/No<br>
+ <b>Dynamic?:&nbsp;</b>No<br>
+ <b>Case Sensitive?:&nbsp;</b>No<br>
+ <b>Considerations:&nbsp;</b>Is ignored if configuration
+ property traceFacility is not set to Memory.<br>
+ <b>Source Configuration File:&nbsp;</b>
+ Pegasus/Config/TracePropertyOwner.cpp<br>
<h3>Configuration Constants</h3>