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TITLE: Binary Protocol DESCRIPTION: Initial commit of binary protocol feature.
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to false), a build error will be generated.
- <b>Description:&nbsp;</b>
- This option enables the "encapsulated XML" feature. It is used in
- conjunction with the "internal binary protocol" feature (see
- PEGASUS_ENABLE_INTERNAL_BINARY_PROTOCOL). When enabled, the out-of-process
- provider agent serializes CIM instances (contained in get-instance and
- enumerate-instances responses) as XML (embedded in a binary message
- envelope). This improves performance since the server may pass the
- XML instaces through to the requesting client without deserializing them
- from binary and then reserializing them as XML.
- <br>
- <b>Default Value:&nbsp;</b>false<br>
- <b>Recommended Value (Development Build): </b>
- No Specific Recommendation<br>
- <b>Recommended Value (Release Build):&nbsp;</b>
- No Specific Recommendation<br>
- <b>Required:&nbsp;</b>No<br>
- <b>Considerations:&nbsp;</b>This feature has no effect unless the "internal
- binary protocol" feature is enabled (see
- PEGASUS_ENABLE_INTERNAL_BINARY_PROTOCOL). Deciding whether to enable or
- disable this feature is left to the user. Every environment is different
- and some users may prefer lower bandwidth rather than higher performance.
<b>Description:&nbsp;</b>When this environment variable is set,
@@ -755,7 +730,7 @@ additional information.</p>
indication provider.<br>
<b>Description: </b>If true, OpenPegasus uses a faster binary
protocol between the CIM server and provider manager. If false,
@@ -767,9 +742,23 @@ additional information.</p>
<b>Required: </b>No<br>
<b>Considerations: </b>This option improves performance by optimizing the
serialization and deserialization of messages between the server and
- out-of-process providers. The binary protocol also supports an optional
- "encapsulated XML" feature (see PEGASUS_ENABLE_ENCAPSULATED_XML) for
- details.
+ out-of-process providers.
+ <br>
+ <b>Description: </b>If true, OpenPegasus uses a faster binary
+ protocol between local clients (including the provider agent) and the
+ CIM server. If false, OpenPegasus uses the conventional XML-based protocol
+ instead. See PEP#340 for more details.
+ <br>
+ <b>Default Value: </b>false<br>
+ <b>Recommended Value (Development Build): </b>false<br>
+ <b>Recommended Value (Release Build): </b>false<br>
+ <b>Required: </b>No<br>
+ <b>Considerations: </b>This option improves performance by using a faster
+ binary protocol between local clients and the CIM server.