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+ <body bgcolor="#CCCCCC">
+ <table width="100%">
+ <tr>
+ <td width="50%" align="bottom"><h1>Display All Classes with Instances&nbsp;</h1><td>
+ <td width="50%" align="right">
+ <img border=1 src="/pegasus/icons/OpenGroupLogo.gif">
+ </td>
+ </tr>
+ </table>
+ <hr>
+ <form name="ClassTree" METHOD=GET ACTION="/pegasus/cgi-bin/CGIClient">
+ <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="Operation" VALUE="AllInstances">
+ <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="hostaddress" VALUE="localhost:5988">
+ <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="debug" VALUE="">
+ <p>Show the count of instances for each class in the target Namespace.
+ <p>NameSpace&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="NameSpace" SIZE=30 VALUE="root/cimv2">
+ <p><INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="Submit" name="Submit">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
+ <INPUT TYPE="reset" VALUE="Reset">
+ </form>
+ <hr>
+ <h2>
+ Additional Information</h2>
+ <p>This function displays a list of the Classes that respond with instances.
+ To do this function, we first get all classes names and then to an
+ enumerateInstanceNames for each class.</p>
+ <p>The result is displayed as a count of instances for each class that has
+ one or more instances.&nbsp; There is a link to display the instance names
+ themselves.</p>
+ <p>This function takes a long time to complete (est. 50 seconds + with 735
+ classes) and does not start to display until complete.&nbsp;This is a
+ function of the way the information is acquired and in a future version, the
+ algorithm modified to present levels of information as they are received
+ rather than do the complete acquisition and structuring before creating the
+ HTML outptu.&nbsp; It uses the
+ enumerate classnames to get a complete set of names and then uses individual
+ getclass operations to get the classes and extract the superclass.&nbsp;
+ Whereas the Class Inheritance function gets everything in one single
+ enumerate classes operation and requires that the timeout be set to the time
+ required to complete the single call, this display uses enumerate names to
+ get the complete namelist of classes and then acquires the class information
+ one-by-one and therefore can operate with the normal timeout.</p>
+ <hr><p style="margin-top: 0; margin-bottom: 0"> <font size="2">Demonstration
+ Prepared by the OpenGroup Manageability Work Group Pegasus Development Team</font>
+ <p style="margin-top: 0; margin-bottom: 0"> <font size="2">See (<a href=""></a>)
+ for more information on Pegasus</font>
+ <p style="margin-top: 0; margin-bottom: 0"> <font size="1">Last Modified <!--webbot bot="Timestamp" S-Type="EDITED"
+ S-Format="%A, %B %d, %Y %I:%M:%S %p" startspan -->Wednesday, January 30, 2002 12:32:16 PM<!--webbot bot="Timestamp" i-CheckSum="19584" endspan -->&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
+ Copyright @ The Open Group 2001&nbsp;</font>
+ <script>
+ document.ClassTree.hostaddress.value = top.hostAddress;
+ document.ClassTree.debug.value = top.debug;
+ document.ClassTree.NameSpace.value = top.NameSpace;
+ window.focus();
+ </script>
+ </body>